This october is my highschool reunion.

I was deeeeep into debt as well as alcoholism when the 10 rolled around and didn't have any interest in exposing myself as such back then. It was also preposterously priced ($250?).this go around, they've dropped the price by a whole lot ($50).

While facebook has kept me in contact with many people, not my entire class has been linked up to me. Even so, i am realizing while being made a head of the event that there are many people who i just didn't know.

More so, i am realizing just how much of highschool i really didn't like. I didn't ask to be made a head, and i didn't really want it. It isn't costing me a dime, but i look back now and realize how different i was back then.

There is no way to sugarcoat it. I suffered from anxiety, depression, both things that I have taken great steps to repair, and was a pathological liar. If anything, the number of questions people are asking about is reminding me why i just ceased contact with so many people after high school.

Now i am realizing how fake i was back then. I have learned in the last 6 years since acknowledging my alcoholism just who i am and what i actually enjoy.

This really is a pointless rant. Just a rant. I am excited to acknowledge everything now that i did not in my past, and though i hope I can have the opportunity to acknowledge so many lies to those people (12 steps, ask for forgiveness), i dont think i will get the opportunity to actually do it.