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Thread: I can't find anywhere to locate support as a drinker that isn't "treatment"

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    I can't find anywhere to locate support as a drinker that isn't "treatment"

    I posted previously on my PTSD.

    Drinking to a buzz or slightly less helps me fall asleep.

    It's not regular anymore, but it helps and I know it's not a permanent solution.

    It turns things into single-mindedness or tunnel vision when used in moderation as opposed to thinking about everything, at every past and present moment, to say nothing of the future.

    I realize other programs have worked for other people, but I haven't puked from being drunk since the late 90's, and only did it twice, when i was force-fed stuff, so I stop, rather than continue.

    Puking during my early 20's was enough to convince me that it wasn't fun to go that far.

    Is there anything close to an active group of people who enjoy booze but don't overdo it and most importantly don't glorify drinking?

    Preferably without truly fierce opinions that put down others.
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    Re: I can't find anywhere to locate support as a drinker that isn't "treatment"

    Shoot, where i live, there are about 5 craft breweries, just within city limits. Then in the next county, there are another 14.

    Everyone in my area is a beer drinker, and there are more clubs than almost any other hobby combined. Were it not so saturated out here, and I not a recovering alcoholic (which, btw, i have now successfully drank alcohol in extremely small and sporadic amount about 6 times in the last year without relapse), i would totally brew beer.

    What i WOULD like to do is, 1) craft edible pot. 2)craft some craft non alcoholic beers.

    I forget where you live. Wisconsin? Minnesota?

    There must be some brewery clubs out that way.

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