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Thread: Why You Can't Buy a Bob Ross Painting

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    Why You Can't Buy a Bob Ross Painting

    The video has the meat of the topic. The article is extra details.

    Spoiler: They supposedly never thought of it.

    I remember watching Bob weekly.

    I was never any good at painting, so (probably like others) to see this man create such beauty in a mere 26 minutes was (to put it lightly) astonishing.

    And seeing how he's become such a wide-spread source of good vibes(1) it's nice that I was (and still am) able to enjoy his awesomeness.

    (1) - I've seen people (including teenagers) wearing t-shirts with Bob's likeness on it. There have been some pretty awesome Reddit /r/WritingPrompts(2) that feature him. There are now Bob Ross board games. Twitch still streams his show from Thursday to Monday. You can find the episodes on Youtube as well. They were also briefly on Netflix.

    (2) (some of my favorites)
    Bob Ross paints at Hogwarts
    In an Alternate Universe, Bob Ross is a world-renowned chef, and Gordon Ramsay is a painter...
    A Dark and corrupt future necromancer summons up the shade of Bob Ross...
    The Four Horsemen of Wholesomeness appear during the apocalypse... Mr. Rogers (love), Jim Henson (life), Steve Erwin (nature), & Bob Ross (peace).

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    Re: Why You Can't Buy a Bob Ross Painting

    Yeah, i read about this about a year and a half ago when my kids kept saying they wanted to watch TV to go to sleep, and upon compromise (i personally hate anything on when sleeping), decided that it would be acceptable to have something enriching on in the background.

    I went down the Bob Ross rabbithole out of curioisity.

    I've read multiple reasons why so few of his paintings are never in museum collections, but the bottom line for all articles is that - try just never considered it. His whole program was just a basic infomercial for the whole Bob Ross workshop that had sort of a traveling show sort of approach for people to paint, similar to the popular "wine and paint" shows that are becoming popular in the metropolitan areas around the world.

    Always knew about the e
    Perm, think he looks badd ass with the Quiff, and other than that, i truly love the man. He is a treasure.

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    Re: Why You Can't Buy a Bob Ross Painting

    Mum used to buy some of his stuff, ie art tutorial books

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