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Thread: People from my past keep on dying -- young.

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    People from my past keep on dying -- young.

    When I was 12 years old, I woke to the sound of my mother crying. As I remember it, my television kept turning on. I had one in my bedroom and it kept turning on. It was surreal, whatever it was, and I don't quite remember it right. I just remember the television coming on and seeing a report of the murder in huntington beach. I was 12 years old, and that is over 25 years ago.

    My mother's best friend was calling her shrieking, because her oldest son, 23 had been murdered.

    About a month later, my brother's close friend had an older brother who died in a car accident coming home from school ( Portland University, down the 5 freeway, and one of the logging trucks smashed he and his car ).

    10 years later, the same friend whose brother died also deid at the age of 23 in a motorcycle accident.

    About 2 years after that, a friend from high school who I had always sort of kept myself connected to, because he and I were mugged together, was shot in the head over things I still do not understand. One guy jealous of another's girlfriend, weed smoking, a gun where it shouldn't have been. The agressor, the "accidentor" getting off with manslaughter.

    5 years ago, a friend from high school, the 7 foot "gentle giant" had his heart, literally, explode - or rupture... whatever you want to call it.

    3 years ago, an old friend of mine commited suicide over a heart break.

    now today, a friend connected with several of those above, with some just as acquaintances, I learned died of over dose. His body was found beween two bushes on a busy street in Hemet. I hadn't talked to him much in 10 years.

    All of the above. These were all young people. All people that while I lost communication with. It feels like the moment I stopped thinking of them, they were permanently gone. People find it fucking strange that I stay in contact with so many fucking people.

    It is like, as soon as I stop thinking about them for just a second, they fucking die. In fucked up ways.

    I'm getting fucking tired of this shit.

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    Re: People from my past keep on dying -- young.

    Seems like Hemet has become synonymous with crappy news. Glad I got out of there at a young age.

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    Re: People from my past keep on dying -- young.

    yeah shit like that sucks you down

    as said, I've no idea how my best pal copes with all the deaths as he's so outgoing
    much less murder snow, but from booze etc it's just unreal how many have died, like a freakin' scythe
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    Re: People from my past keep on dying -- young.

    Don't let it get you down too much. I came from LakeWales, Florida. And the recent fentanyl crisis has hit my hometown hard. I have lost a lot of friends/acquaintances (30-40's now) I grew up with recently. The worst though, (not related to the fentanyl) was losing my first GF/wife/ ex-wife. at in 2014 (she was 34). I had remained friends with her even after the divorce. I only broke contact after I married my current wife. Her family contacted me a year after her death to tell me she was gone. This is Why her Wow character is RIP in my signature. Unfortunately those death number stats come from someone/somewhere. It's not fair but it has nothing to do with you. Just treasure the moments where their lives intersected yours and do your best to make positive impacts on on others.
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