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Thread: The E3 2019 Thread

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    Re: The E3 2019 Thread

    Okay that's it for me, unless I see or hear about something cool from the showfloor and/or media presentations. Congrats to anyone who actually reads all that.

    I think this might be the first time I've been underwhelmed by an E3 in a long time, probably this generation. It was fine, but not really that exciting. A lot of known quantities. A lot of mediocre trailers and presentations.

    I criticized Microsoft for obfuscating an average presentation with so many games that you didn't have time to process any of them, but everyone did this to varying degrees. Even Nintendo had some chaff that really wasn't necessary.

    I think a big problem I had with this year was that most of the things talked about weren't actually shown. A lot of boring talk slowing down a show is a problem, but it's also a problem if you don't actually demonstrate or explain anything. It seems like dang near everything was a concept trailer. In a way it's kind of interesting that Sony wasn't here, as the last couple of E3s they had gone hard on demonstrations on a few games rather than teasers for dozens.

    The Cyberpunk reveal is still my only real holy shit moment. Watch the stage presentation too, it's a great moment. It was a good trailer even without this, so I don't feel guilty getting swept up on it. A lot of my other favorites coincide with the trailers I thought worth embedding. Watchdogs, Final Fantasy 7, Cris Tales, etc.

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    Re: The E3 2019 Thread

    Thanks man. I appreciate you taking the time to post this.

    I did read most of it.

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    Re: The E3 2019 Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Wool View Post

    Gods and Monsters: The one thing that didn't leak. They ended the show with it. Made by some ex-Assassin's Creed people, they decided to make a game in their style using mythology instead of history as the source of inspiration. This has been compared to Breath of the Wild thanks to its vibrant art style. Unfortunately it's only a teaser, barely a step or two above just showing us a logo.
    I loved Titan Quest, because it was Greek mythology. The short sneak peek looks interesting, but hard to tell the style of the actual game play (for me at least), but I am hopeful. I know it won't be like Titan Quest, but the mythology aspect gets me excited.

    I also can't tell if it will be released on PC. I saw PS4 and XBOX, but can't tell what the other two are.

    Nice write up as always, Wool. Thanks.
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    Re: The E3 2019 Thread

    It's been a long long time since I've paid 60€ for a game as it release, hell even paid full price for any game, as my back-catalog is too big as it is, so I simply wait for a sale. Of course the pile of unfinished games still grow anyway, but at least I pay less and perhaps I save myself buying something that turns out to be crap.
    That said I am really tempted to pre-order the new Doom. I don't care for the multiplayer part, but the singleplayer part looks as good as the previous and I loved that one. The grapple is probably going to make the new one even better. :-)

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