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Thread: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Resurfaces

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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Resurfaces

    It's been a long road for this game. When this was announced, FF15 and KH3 were still in development. Square Enix actually had another studio working on this, but for one reason or another they scrapped the project and started over from scratch. That's why we haven't heard from this in so long.

    Lately Sony has started doing internet streamed presentations similar to Nintendo Direct, called State of Play. Microsoft has had one of these for awhile now as well. Well at the most recent State of Play, Square Enix finally showed FF7R again. Could we finally be close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, or do we have another 10 year long SE project again.

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Resurfaces

    I expect if it is anytime soon for release, That the big info bomb will hit at E3.
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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Resurfaces

    Shit, I would consider getting a PS4 for that. As long as it was properly turn based, and I could turn Japanese voices and English subtitles on, that looks awesome. FF7 was the last of the big console RPGs in the series I got sucked into. 8 was garbage, and 9 seemed a bit bland. I did play the MMOs. I am currently playing FFXIV actively. Enjoying it a lot, actually. I have bought multiple versions of the remakes for the GBA and DS and ipad.

    FF7 was an excellent game with a great story. It showed that Square was going to create great games no matter what system they were on.
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