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Thread: 3 pin [molex?] extension cords

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    3 pin [molex?] extension cords

    I am looking for 3 things.

    Four (4) extension cords of various lengths.

    One (1) or more Y adapters

    One (1) wall wart or adapter of some kind.

    I am not certain on these fans' amperage, so I do not want to cut wire for these myself. I am sure it is only around 0.1 amp, but even so, I would prefer to stay modular unless I have to.

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    Re: 3 pin [molex?] extension cords

    They seem to be 3 pin ide interface, but molex also comes up with them. I think i just need the ide sockets, plugs and thin cords and the 12 v wall wart.

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    Re: 3 pin [molex?] extension cords

    Do an Amazon search for "PWM Fan Extensions" or splitters.
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    Re: 3 pin [molex?] extension cords

    Awesome. Thank you Nadiar. PWM. I never would have figured that out were it not for you. Thank you very much.

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    Re: 3 pin [molex?] extension cords

    Also you might still have to do some splicing as I do not know of any wall warts that have hookups for PC style fans. As far as I know the R and the B are the only wires that carry power on a 3 wire fan the yellow I think is for speed monitoring by the motherboard in their normal usage. Of course keep in mind straight wire to a 12v wart means it will run at full speed always.
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    Re: 3 pin [molex?] extension cords

    Yeah. I found a couple of build options that do adapt, but nothing direct

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    Re: 3 pin [molex?] extension cords

    For 3d?

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