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Thread: "How I engineered mutiny" or, "My days here are numbered."

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    "How I engineered mutiny" or, "My days here are numbered."

    When I started my new job about 18 months ago, I was lax in my enthusiasm for 'this is my career.' I was working 3 jobs at the time, and this was my only full-time one, and I was only picking it up, because they called back, and I figured, " why the hell not. "

    I worked for a couple of weeks, quit the other two, and really found myself enjoying it. The coworkers were great. Leadership was great. Corporate ethics (which I've never really been a fan of after my stint @ Sears Corporate) was phenomenal, and the benefits were pretty damn amazing.

    I went full force, drank the kool-aid and loved every single day that I came in. This was the way it was all the way until the 8th or 9th month that I started working there. NOthing bad happened for me. In fact, I gained several promotions, moved a couple of laterals, made more money on top of more money quickly, and was told several times by the higher ups that I was on the block for management training, etc.

    Somewhere in that 8th or 9th month, the branch manager announced that he was leaving for another branch (it was a very big promotion for him, so who can blame him) but he would stick around until they found his replacement. And he did.

    Many people in the management team did not care for the new guy, which happens. I have seen it before plenty of times on my time on earth, and in the work force, and I was not too concerned. These disapprovals come and go. Hell, I beat a drum for him, explaining to peoplpe in meetings that this guy was away from his family from nearly across country (over 100 miles each day) and that was expression enough to follow him. Especially when he transplanted his family from where they were, and brought them much closer to where he is now.

    That is a big step, and I respect that. I talked to him far more familiarly than most people in my position/tier and tried to welcome him as best as I saw fit. One might call it brown nosing, but I have to figure, knowing people in similar situations - your kids and wife will complain about everything in the "new world," and in this new world, you will not have the support team you were used to in a new place, and it is difficult.

    As time went on for the past year, more and more people started to lighten up against him, and things started to run smoothly - different, but - almost like it was when the previous branch manager was around.

    With my new position, I had a bit more leadership, but still no option for management put out on a plate for me, until in December, there was a tremendous change in management, a restructuring of departments, and I was approached by the 2nd in command to apply for a newly created management position. Around that same time, that 2nd in command was moved one slot down, and another person pushed up a tier, into the 2nd in command. That individual who "groomed me" to take the management position said not to worry about it, and apply anyway.

    I did. I interviewed. TO be frank, I nailed that interview. Hell, I amazed myself, and people told me that they were listening in from the 'secret' room where you can hear the interview. It iddn't bother me, but everyone gave me high fives, etc.

    Sure, people can be two faced, and no better a time to brown nose than before someone who is going to likely be your boss becomes your boss. I am not ignorant that this could very well have been the case.

    TUrns out, I didn't get the position. They called me into the main office and said that I had a fantastic interview, but they wanted to try to poach a manager from our competitor in order to steal any insider secrets and "blah blah blah."

    Well. I used to be a tremendous supporter of the competitor, know how it all works, etc, and while I did not express this in the interview, felt both disappointed an relieved. Secretly, I didn't really want to take on the management, because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to balance home life and work life while pulling 12+ hour days. I had a number in my head, and was worried that when they offered me the job, I was going to have to turn it down, because that number would not be high enough. THen it would be embaressing for myself and them.

    I kept this to myself, but even so. That sort of relief/disappointment sort of ate at me.

    THe manager they hired is a real cool dude. and true to their word, they hired him from the competition - not directly, but he had a long history working there, and he wasn't a current employee, so whatever the case may be, He is a pretty damn cool dude, and I respect that. I have worked quite extensively alongside him for the month he has been with us, and I get along with him.

    So. This past month, now that we have the new manager, and the branch manager is still the same guy, we have been issued a special project in my department from the national corporate office in order to complete a task in order to poach customers from the competitor. It has ALMOST been cloak and dagger, but more along the lines of planning a special and exclusive event, day in and day out, going to job sites of people who use the competitor and convincing them to come to a summit which we are hosting (tomorrow). We have worked on this almost tirelessly, every single day, and some of us even on our free time at home (myself included), in order to pull this off, for over 4 weeks. It has been a mysterious challenge, and it comes to a head tomorrow. Everyone in the division and our branch has been on board with it, and so far so good.

    ALl this week, I have been e-mailing and visiting customers, clients, suppliers, logistics, with a very fine tuned itinerary for all of it to go according to plan.

    This morning, the branch manager approached me and said, "Hey, I got this great idea last night. We are going to have the event for tomorrow out front for everyone to see. We won't keep it in the back in the meeting room like we planned. We'll bring out Cornhole [for those who do not know, this is a picnic game], and give away prizes [we alotted gifts for all clients/customers,etc, who followed a stream of requirements in order to insure 'allegience' against the competitor] to people who make it in the cornhole! I was in bed last night when I thought of this, and think it is a great idea. I am going to run it by #2 and your team."

    Allow me to juxtapose -- has anyone seen 'the office?' Yes. This dude is Michael. No. Seriously.

    So. I did not take this well. I am usually asked to present at the morning meeting to the entire branch, even though I am not a manger, and for whatever reason, every single day I do. But I knew what he was going to do. he was going to pigeon hole me into saying this change was going through, so I made myself too busy to present today, and walked away to do more important things - not even making myself present at the morning meeting.

    I was told by my team of what I already knew what was going to happen. The branch manager told everyone of the change in plans, and I was being asked and told about it like I didn't already know [thank god he didn't throw my name out there like he normally would].

    To use as few words as possible, I was livid. Instantaneously, I was brought back to about 5 years ago when I was working for an insane and belligerent person who I both drank far more than I ever did in my life because I just had to deal with it, and then a year later realized that I had to STOP drinking just in order to keep my livelihood and eventually quit. Thank god I quit drinking.

    Well, the tingly feeling of anxiety started to hit my entire organ of skin. I am not sure if anyone else who is reading this has ever had that feeling, but for me, it is when my body recognizes that it is getting an adrenaline rush, and I am about to rage - violently. I literally start to see purple. Not red. Not black. Not blue. Purple. Everything starts to take on a purple color, and that is when my adrenaline begins to hit in a stronger abundance. This is also what causes some people ulcers/depression.

    in the past, I am lucky enough to have a sledge hammer and start bashing concrete.

    I didn't have concrete.

    I immediately considered a couple ways to just avoid tomorrow entirely. I had to go up on top of the building. Thankfully, I know how to take a fall, and contemplated falling off the building. I probably could do it without killing or permanently injuring myself. I couldn't know this for sure, as I'd never tried it, but I'd taken similar falls when I was much younger (and older) and knew the scope of pain that I had to deal with. I am more fit now than I was then, and I figured I could probably do it.

    Just when I was about to,it, the #2 manager came and found me, and a sense of rationalization came to me. I knew the branch manager's boss. (Not chummy, or anything. I just knew who he was, and knew what I had to do).

    I asked the #2 for BMB's telephone number. He looked at me and said, " Shut up. stop joking."

    "No, ____ I am not joking. And you know that if I am asking you for it, you have to give it to me."

    His face went white and he said, "alright. ALright... Look. before I give it to you. let's try and square this away. THis change of plan isn't so bad..."

    Me: "Don't try and sell me bullshit, ____. YOu're not going to make me buy it. I'm serious."

    "Alright. So, [branch manager] is on lunch, and when he gets back.... I guess I will have to talk to him.... I will try and sort this out."

    Me: "Alright. Until that happens, I'll be outside."

    I go outside, and see a team mate.

    My teammate asks me what I was talking to #2 about.

    " I asked for [BMB's] phone number."

    Teammate - face white: "SHut the fuck up. You did not."

    "sware to god."

    Teammate - "Raise your fucking hand in the -"

    (Raising hand in the air) "God above me, Strike me down if I did not just ask for [BMB]'s phone number."

    Teammate - "Ohhhh... ohhh. holy shit...."

    Me: "I'm pretty fucking livid, and I am about to go to lunch, but if this doesn't go in my favor, I'm probably not coming in tomorrow. I can't deal with this shit, right now."

    Teammate - "Fuck dude. I'd be afraid that you aren't coming in ever again after pulling a stunt like that. What fucking balls do you have on you?"

    Me: "Besides my wife, the only thing I am afraid of is myself."

    Teammate - "Fuck dude. If you don't come in tomorrow... Let me know."


    I went to lunch, went to see my wife in her office and told her briefly what was up (there's a reason I am afraid of her) and she told me to take it down a notch. By the end of my hour, I came back, and was scheduled to have a meeting to wrap up final plans for the event tomorrow. I took a good look at a picture of my wife and kids, and put my game face on and recentered myself.

    The teammate I had talked to before outside told me to call him when I got home, because he was telling everyone to not come in if he said so. (Uhh.. what?)

    . #2 called me to go walk with him. Meeting cancelled. Teammates confused, but staying in our department.

    We walked the whole building, #2 and I. I was fully prepared to get an ass chewing, and who knows what else. I was fine with it.

    I didn't get chewed out. He opened with that he convinced the Branch Manager to change the plan back to the original. I had a bit of a tough time hearing him, because the adrenaline was starting to flow back through my veins.

    I asked for him to clarify, and he said that we were running the event the way my team developed it, and he and I went over details, looking at the space we had it planned, reserved, etc. We made final arrangements, and he asked for me to come in early tomorrow to make sure I could get it done. Cool. sounds good.

    THen we walked some more, and talked about our families, and said some jokes to eachother, and what not.

    The remaining 3 hours of the day, I talked to him about some incidentals about tomorrow, and at some point he said, 'NO, that is wise, We should do things like that more often.' Very calm. ALmost eerie. He was in a meeting with the Branch Manager at that time, and these conversations were over the phone.

    I was much more calm, but still on edge, to a certain degree.

    I still had WORK to do at this point, and additional projects that i have to lead, and eerything else in my day to day.


    I had some errands I HAD to run tonight after work. I know where the coworker lives. I got held the fuck up in traffic doing some of those errands. I managed to make it over to the coworker's house right at 8:15pm. Knocked on his door. No answer. Rang the doorbell. No answer. His car wasn't parked in the driveway. Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck.


    I'm going in tomorrow at 6am.... Not sure who else is. ....

    Days are numbered.

    Whether I am forced out, or not... I don't want to deal with this autocratic sociopath anymore.

    I have had a couple of things laid up in the pipeline now for several weeks, but none of them have I actually pursued. This weekend I have to send out some more resumes, and really do some honest soul searching and better looking.

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    Re: "How I engineered mutiny" or, "My days here are numbered."

    Strange update.

    #2 punched me after the event was over, and then gave me a hug and said, "you did good."

    BRANCH Manager came up to me on my way out and pulled me in for a hug. Awkward, but I hugged him.

    Today was not what I wanted, precisely, but numbers/mission wise, it was a success.

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    Re: "How I engineered mutiny" or, "My days here are numbered."

    Another update. Before the schindig started, #2 told me that I motivated him to stand up to the branch manager. I asked him if he threw me under the bus.

    He said no. He just needed to hear it the way that I said it in order to tell it to him.

    I have not hustled this hard in such a short ordered deadline from a change of plan to a last minute change back of plan.

    Still put a bunch of applications out last night, ane have several more which I have to put out tomorrow night.

    This experience motivated me in a way that made me realize that I can do things when I stand up for my ideals and plans.

    I am so tired right now, but I have to plan for my son's birthday tomorrow.

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    Re: "How I engineered mutiny" or, "My days here are numbered."

    Got numbers back today. The event didn't reach the apex that corporate forecast, but we were able to justify it on the report for marketing data in participation vs expenses made for the event, and opened new carrier lines as well as created new contracts for commited sales with existing as well as old contract holders.

    Events and complications like this remind me about how empassioned I am in my work - i really am a workaholic. I just went in the morning, even though i am not scheduled, nor paid for today, just to look at numbers and talk to the weekend crew.

    I feel as though days like today, weeks like this week are just more proof that I need to go into business for myself.

    This is both a humbling as well as a learning experience for me.

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    Re: "How I engineered mutiny" or, "My days here are numbered."

    Well first, doesn't sound like you pushed the big red button (called BMB). Yes, you effected a change, as long as the hug was sincere,he knew he was out of line and admits it. The Michael character would do that and usually got in the big trouble because no one stopped him from crossing the lines.As someone whom has pushed the red button believe me they would not be hugging you or thanking you. I only survived the fall out because my supervisor refused to persecute a honest worker. If you want you can mend the fence or just let it fall in the past. Sounds like #2 is in a better position now to head off bad ideas before the reach you now too. You may not have to go through this again when the next wild hare escapes his manure oscillating machine.
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    Re: "How I engineered mutiny" or, "My days here are numbered."

    One of my buddies came back to work for our company from a company he made out well with while he was here, and got employed in a different department.

    I learned the ropes of my role from him, and he is my predecesor where I am now. His hours are weird because his hired-in department is quite a bit different from mine. I actually really like his hours, so he and I are going to attempt to trade places.

    I like this idea, because I can put applications in all over and also interview for them, and do more work around the house and spend time with my little guy during the day, more often.

    Mostly, I am just happy with the idea of taking on less responsibility, getting paid the same, and being able to schedule morning interviews with places.

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