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Thread: Halo Master Chief Edition coming to PC

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    Halo Master Chief Edition coming to PC

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection will soon include Halo: Reach and be available on the Windows store and Steam, Microsoft announced today during its Inside Xbox livestream.

    Rather than make every game in the collection available all at once on PC, Microsoft said the collection will roll out one game at a time, starting with Halo: Reach and going in chronological order from there. Microsoft is pitching this incremental approach as a way to make the games available sooner rather than waiting until the entire collection is ready. The games will run at 60fps and support 4K.
    I suspect this will be a big seller if its a good port, Halo with MKB is certainly something folks have wanted.
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    Re: Halo Master Chief Edition coming to PC

    First reaction: It's about time!
    Second reaction: Holy crap, it's coming out on STEAM!?!

    Probably still requires Win 10, but this was a long time in coming. A very long time. Bravo.

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