I love it when a plan comes together. The wheels of Federal Justice grind slow but fine. This started with breaking the Teamster's grip on Yellow Cab in the 80's. (Almost got me killed.) PA is the second most corrupt state in the Union (we WERE fist but we weren't cool enough to hold onto #1.)

Unions served a noble purpose but sadly they tried to take a short cut years ago. It's been costly to society. There are good unions (and good corporations for that matter) There are otoh too many shitty excuses for worker rights. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Be citizens my fellow graffies. Make a difference!!!


A powerful union boss with a tight grip on construction jobs in the Philadelphia region and outsized influence in city and state politics has been indicted in alleged schemes to embezzle more than $600,000 and have a councilman on the union payroll do his bidding at City Hall.
Johnny “Doc” Dougherty has steered tens of millions of dollars to political candidates in Pennsylvania, most of them Democrats, during his 25-year tenure running the electricians union. He helped get Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney elected to office in 2015, the same year his brother, Kevin Dougherty, won a seat on the state Supreme Court.
More to follow.