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    1 season import from 2017 syfy to now on Netflix starring Chrisopher Meloni and Patton Oswalt.

    This is one amazing television show.bloody, uncomfortable, unapproachable, inappropriate and good.

    I have loved Christopher Meloni since he had a tiny bit part in fear and loathing in Las Vegas, and then started watching him in law and order svu. Patton Oswalt is just great, period.

    Im not going to spoil anything besides saying, this is an amazing 8 episode arc, and who knows if there will be a season 2 or when.

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    Re: Happy

    I know! I know! Season 2 in 2019, featuring Weird Al as a smoking baby:

    Love the show, it's fun as hell. "Oh, jellybeans."

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    Re: Happy

    I DVR'd this and then forgot about it. A month or so ago, I was going through the DVR and ran across it, so I binge-watched it. I loved it! Can't wait for Season 2

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    Re: Happy

    The wife made me watch Season 1 in anticipation for upcoming Season 2. Holy cow; what a blast! Very fun!
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