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Thread: Roomba? Meet Doomba

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    Roomba? Meet Doomba

    Turn roomba tracking into doom levels.

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    Re: Roomba? Meet Doomba

    Article unclear, dick stuck in roomba.

    Seriously though, does this allow you to CONTROL your roomba via a computer doom interface, or does it display where your roomba is somewhere in doom level appearances, or....WHAT DOES IT REALLY DO?

    By "converts it into Doom levels" do they mean it's generating .wad files you can import and play?
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    Re: Roomba? Meet Doomba

    Yes, the last one. It takes map data Roomba generates and turns that into a playable Doom level.

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    Re: Roomba? Meet Doomba

    Which is pretty cool and all, data format conversions are fun (like 'a rubiks cube is fun' fun) to write.
    Now I want to go the other way and make the roomba patrol a pentagram in the center of the living room and wait for my aunts to notice the pattern!

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