They had one job and fucked it up completely. You would think a letter from a state governor would sway them. I wonder if NC owns any planes they could just bring him in and then escort with state police and arrest any ICE goons that try and prevent it.

(CNN)When 13-year-old Hania Aguilar is laid to rest in North Carolina on Saturday her father will be nearly 3,000 miles away.

The US State Department has denied a temporary visa for Noé Aguilar to travel from Guatemala to attend services for his teenage daughter, according to the father's attorney.
"I had hoped they would find it in their hearts to let me be there for my daughter's funeral," Aguilar told CNN in a brief phone interview Friday.
"It's very sad. She was my princess. She will always be my princess."
Immigration attorney Naimeh Salem said US embassy officials in Guatemala denied the temporary visa on grounds that Aguilar "didn't have enough ties to his home country, Guatemala."
"That is not true," she said. "He has family there and his own business."