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Thread: Work vent.

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    Work vent.


    Bunch of people got sent home early yesterday. "first in, first out" as they say. Today is my friday off, and I closed last night. Naturally, everything got ridiculous busy, orders came in for the weekend, and I had no support staff.

    As i was helping one client, I had to turn away 2, and at the same time, I had 2 orders close payment for weekend delivery while I was working with the one.

    Woke up at 6 this morning to give my coworker a heads up, emailed folks last night.

    Ridiculous how pissed off everyone was, as though it were my fault that I was scheduled off today and everyone got sent home early.

    The frustrating part was that everyone I gave a heads up to was aware of what was going to happen and are now shocked that it did.

    Could not sleep at all last night, because I kept thinking about these orders.

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    Re: Work vent.

    Shoot the messenger.

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    Re: Work vent.

    I decided to restructure our order Management system for my department.
    The employee who got upset is typically the solution to big problems like this one, and he tends to carry the weight, but it afflicts everyone to at least a slight degree.

    Ended up getting rid of a stupid report of static data which we keep on a whiteboard and changed it to a fulfillment log.

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