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Thread: Kingdom Hearts 3

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    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Original trailer:

    Today's "gone gold" trailer:

    Chock full of content spoilers, if not story spoilers.

    Still, I'm enthused - even though I never beat 1 OR 2.

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    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3

    This is going to make Square Enix so much money. They will be able to afford three more disappointing 10 year Final Fantasy projects.

    Spoiler wise those videos seem fairly innocuous, unless you just don't want to know which Disney worlds are in this one. The biggest story surprise is Aqua at the end of the first trailer, but I think that was a tease for the prologue game they released more than anything (Haven't played that one yet).

    Quote Originally Posted by Mileron View Post
    Still, I'm enthused - even though I never beat 1 OR 2.
    Even beyond 1 or 2, they kept adding to the story with a ton of handheld games. And they weren't just stand alone side stories, several of them are incredibly important to the plot going into KH3.

    So I really hope they make it newcomer friendly. The story got real stupid, and people are going to be very confused otherwise.

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