Microsoft had a fan gaming event over the weekend in Mexico and made a fairly big deal about it. This is very similar to the event Sony has had every year (though they canceled theirs this year). It was pretty low key overall, despite the large amount of production that went into it, and can largely be considered a lengthy advertisement for their Game Pass subscription service. A lot of the time people watch events like this to see new announcements, or at the very least first looks at gameplay for things previously announced. We didn't really get that, but I'll share some of the highlights of what was shown.

First, a list of all the games they talked about or showed off. Note that most of these are just minor update talk (State of Decay 2 has crossbows now!!!!111), but a few were at least shown off in an entertaining way.

Spoiler for the stuff they talked about:

Crackdown 3
Kingdom Hearts 3
Sea of Thieves
Jump Force
State of Decay 2
Just Cause 4
Devil May Cry 5
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Mouse and Keyboard support + Razer
Forza Horizon 4
Black Friday Deals
New Studio Announcements

They showed a very small snippet of multiplayer Crackdown 3, showing off the destruction that the cloud computing allowed in multiplayer. It looked good, but you could also see reminders that online anything sometimes includes weird glitchy lag. One of the buildings faded away instead of crumbled like the rest. Curse you packet loss!

They showed a new indie game called "Void Bastards" that had an interesting art style, but the most interesting thing they talked about was confirmation of two new studios that they acquired: inXile (Wasteland 2, Tides of Numenera) and Obsidian (KoTOR 2, Fallout New Vegas).

The latter was apparently in dire financial straights after Pillars of Eternity 2 bombed, so Microsoft probably saved that studio (for better or for worse).

They also announced FF13 would be backwards compatible, and are giving Crackdown (1) away for free for a limited time, Honestly the most entertaining stuff was probably the commercials. They had another silly Crackdown 3 thing with Terry Cruise, a cute Minecraft papercraft presentation, and a bizarre Black Friday ad that was just stupid enough to be funny if you put away the inner cynic while you watch it.