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Thread: Taylor Swift gets political

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    Taylor Swift gets political

    Never been a fan of her music, or her, really, but with this she gains some respect from me, and not just because she is endorsing Democrats but because of her statement on why.
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    Re: Taylor Swift gets political

    apparently some alt-right nutsos call her a traitor now... Because OMG she used her first amendment rights to voice why she is not backing someone without really ever once making a targeted insult.
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    Re: Taylor Swift gets political

    Voter registrations have spiked up sharply after her comments (boo to the bad pun at the end of the article):

    Some of the real far-right types that loved her as their perfect Aryan Barbie are calling all this a ruse to hide the truth about her beliefs from others. Whatever helps them sleep at night, I guess. I love all the Twitter comments about "nine years ago, if you'd told me Kanye West would be a Trump supporter and Taylor Swift a Democrat...."

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    Re: Taylor Swift gets political

    Quote Originally Posted by FilanFyretracker View Post
    apparently some alt-right nutsos call her a traitor now
    I'm sure she'll shake off the criticism.

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