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Thread: I am turning into a bit of a gym rat

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    I am turning into a bit of a gym rat

    Since right around my birthday last month, I have been hitting the gym at least every other night.

    My wife got a family membership to the ymca with her sisters, and the family membership includes a membership for the kids to do their karate, etc, and for 2 hours of childcare a day. This is perfection.

    I couldn't love it more, as I love TV shows like mad Men, etc but hate vegetation, and can just put Netflix on and watch while I bi y le for half an hour, and then listen to shredding music and do work on my injured shoulder for half an hour.

    Now that my muscles are compensating in my shoulder so much more for the cuff injury, I have been doing alot more full on resistance training.

    At first, I was just going for toning and being lean, but the past month, I am really going for more weight and muscle. There is no greater a feeling than using the gravity assist pull uo machine and (granted) lifting half my weight with my chin right above the bar. I feel like a foo-awkin Monstah!

    Just got back right now and am "raar!"
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