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Thread: White people prefer white people food

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    White people prefer white people food

    Taco bell voted best Mexican Food

    The popular fast-food restaurant was named America's best Mexican restaurant by the Harris Poll. Moe's held the title last year and Chipotle in 2016.
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    Re: White people prefer white people food

    Honestly I'm not that surprised. It's probably what most people polled actually have experience with. At least with food people have the excuse that they might not have convenient access to the real stuff, depending on where they live. How do you explain pop music?

    P.S. People prefer the food they grew up with and are familiar with.

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    Re: White people prefer white people food

    I like Abuelo's.

    Don't know how anyone can eat Chipotle. Yuck!
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    Re: White people prefer white people food

    I will eat chipotle if it is the only place i can, and i will go searching for just about anywhere else before i do, and it isn't that it is bad, but that it is so expensive for what it is.

    I have friends in the entertainment industry who grew up with similar roots as mine with knowledge of great mexican food, and the number of them who I listen to in interviews that rave about Chipotle just make me want to gag.

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    Re: White people prefer white people food

    well hey most places I doubt you can find a good taco truck.

    The other problem is Taco Bell outnumbers taco trucks and actual mexican places While every state has Taco Bell.

    Its the problem with these polls honestly the traditional places even if they are always packed will never have the customer flow of Taco Bell since they are at most a few locations in the same county.
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    Re: White people prefer white people food

    But what about the Enchirito, man? THE ENCHIRITO!

    To be honest I actually used to really like the Enchirito, when it was good, now it's just an afterthought on their "secret menu". Growing up in South Texas, then college in New Mexico and now being in Sacramento for over 30 years I like to think I know Mexican food, and Taco Bell is Mexican food like the McRib is real BBQ.
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    Re: White people prefer white people food

    The enchirito is one of the last things from their original menu that is still sort of Mexican.

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    Re: White people prefer white people food

    One of the nice things about living in the D.C. metro area (and several others, such as L.A., Chicago, SF and anywhere in Texas) is the abundance of good, cheap, actual Latino restaurants -- not only Mexican, but Salvadoran and Peruvian (those are actually more common that pure Mexican in this region), as well as a few Venezuelan (arepas are fantastic when done right), Colombian and Argentinian places.

    On the other hand, Taco Hell is always open really late, which helps when you work those hours.

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