Debated whether to give this its own thread or put it in one of the many others I already have for this purpose. Ultimately (giggle) decided to make its own thread due to the narrow focus and pre-existing interest I noticed in other threads.

They had another Nintendo Direct a couple days ago dedicated to nothing but Smash Brothers that was about ten times more interesting than what they showed at E3. They showed a couple new characters, stages, and items, and they talked about some of the ruleset options, modes, and other general tweaks. They also talked about the soundtrack as well, which is so extensive that they talked up using your Switch as a giant iPod to listen to it all. There are still a few things they didn't talk about, so we will probably get at least one more of these before release. They did not talk about online, whether there is a single player story mode, or about a mysterious option on the main menu that they blur out in the video.

New characters:

Spoiler for spoiler:


Simon Belmont from Castlevania.
King K Rool from Donkey Kong Country.

Echo Fighters:

Richter Belmont (Simon Belmont)
Chrom (Ike)
Dark Samus (Samus)

The trailer(s) for the new characters are brilliant by the way, worth watching even if you don't watch the rest.

I'm going to hotlink them instead of embed them, so that the thumbnails don't spoil the surprise for anyone who cares and doesn't know yet. If you are one such person, just watch the beginning and end of the Direct embedded below. If you don't care and just want to see fun videos, watch the hotlinked trailers below. This isn't going to be a secret for long, but at the moment the information is still new enough to justify this precaution, I think?

Reveal 1

Reveal 2

The entire video (30 minutes long):