In an effort to be consistent, here goes...

So, after much research, we decided that the way to go for our children's first real tablet, my oldest son would get an android. I use them, and my wife uses apple. I spend more time behind the scenes fixing both, and ultimately, the asus zenpad we chose was far less expensive than apple's options, it just felt wise to go with Google play's sandbox.

So ffwd to the Google play/family link.

Everything I read online, including Google's documentation, was that Google play gift cards could be used with it.

It took a 30 minute phone call for a csa to explain thst a little tiny icon (documented Nowhere on their faqs, etc) of a house with a heart in it is the key to identifying which apps and games are family link friendly. But despite thst, even though all purchases must be approved by myself or my wife, there is no way for approved purchases to draw on our Google play gift card balance, we're my son to click the box, "ask for approval."

In fact, there is no box for that.

If my son goes to the Google play store and selects a F2P game, it sends a notification to my phone or tablet or pc that allows me to immediately approve of it. Wow!

But if there is a game he wants to buy, it does *not* give the option for him to send me a request. He has to walk up to me with his tablet, and I have to approve the purchase by typing in my google password.

Oh wait, it gets better.

I cannot pay for the purchase thst I just approved with the google play gift card balance on my account. No, no, no. I *have* to pay with the credit card that I *have* to have on file, and now thst I have the family account manager, CANNOT EVEN REMOVE!


If i take a look at what my son brought his tablet over to me for in order to approve and say "no." I can then get on my tablet, open up the thing in the Google play store, and then purchase it, *with* my Google play gift card balance, and then - SHARE IT TO THE WHOLE FUCKING FAMILY.

What bonkers shit is that? Who the fuck looked at this and thought, "you know, a bit of a coding redundancy might be wise here."

Chuy el capitan de la Raza catolicos. Pinche puto Madre, cabron!