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Thread: Phone Headphones

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    Phone Headphones

    I hate it so much that apple took away the headphone jack.
    But for family tech support reasons I am an iPhone guy, and after breaking my 5s I had to get a newer model (8) without the headphone jack.

    While I can use the adapter to use my preferred ear muff style set (JVCs, nothing special but I like them) I worry about wearing out the lighting port. I have in the past.

    I tried the wireless option of E7 Cowins. They are OK. ~$50 USD.

    Is there really just an unavoidable hit to sound quality once you run it thru bluetooth?
    Anyone have recommendations?

    Appreciate any input.

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    Re: Phone Headphones

    I Personally hate the look of the over the neck headphones that everyone is using these days, but for the sake of function over the form, they are truly the best.

    For about 2 years, i was going through knock offs of the LG, about one pair a month.

    The ones that were the best were the Jiake 800s,but they CHANGED the ones that lasted for 3 months at a time.

    Now, allow me to disclaim, as I was constantly under high humidity conditions, and often stuck in sewers, which are NOT ideal operating conditions.

    After tiring of the Jiake replacements, I researched and found one called the MPOW JAWS.

    I loved these. They've got a great warranty. I, basically, have had the same pair for the last 2, maybe 3 years, now.

    I had to use the warranty for, possibly, my own mistake, but they honored them.

    They're no behringers, sennheisers, schures, or bose, but they sure as hell cost a lot less.

    Some folks prefer the jaybirds. I will buy another pair of mpow jaws the next time they break.

    I love listening to podcasts with them, but they are pretty decent for music.

    No earbud will ever be as good as earmuffs for bass, though.

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    Re: Phone Headphones

    I have had a pair of Motorola S805s for a few years now, apart from the odd pairing issue (where for some inexplicable reason they just refuse to pair for a short time), they sound good. They are quite an old model though (from around 2009, the early days f acceptable Bluetooth audio), so use A2DP rather than any newer Bluetooth standard. A review of them (from the time) can be found here

    Second hand ones seem to be available on for around $49

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