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Thread: Amazon ends pilot releases

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    Amazon ends pilot releases

    The company no longer wants your feedback on potential new shows.

    I guess when you've committed hundreds of millions of dollars to making Lord of the Rings stuff, you've already made up your mind about what your content will be. One of the ironies of the blockbuster biz, I suppose: You're trying to create something that will appeal to the masses, but it's so expensive to make it that you can't afford to do a little trial and ask the masses what they think; you just pour in the money and hope for the best.

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    Re: Amazon ends pilot releases

    Didn't read the article you posted, but this came up on a third party podcast by some producers and writers in the streaming business who said that as exciting as the process is for hype, the amazon pilot hype takes so much longer than other platforms, that the time and money it takes for them to film a pilot for a high budget show and then wrangle up not only the same production team, but to hold them for an interim against other products and then get the anticipation of interested viewers is too expensive.

    They have too many channels of loss and then increased expenses.

    Where as, they can film the whole season for just a little bit more and potentially keep their audience more interested.

    Netflix, otoh, does a more traditional blind pilot without exposure to the world at large.

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    Re: Amazon ends pilot releases

    Amazon wanted our feedback about their pilots, but we got zero response back from Amazon after the voting other than them greenlighting a few shows. As far as I know we got absolute silence over Oasis even though it got pretty well received by everyone. At the very least they could of just said they weren't picking it up.

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