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Thread: Oitnb season 6

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    Oitnb season 6

    I am already, once again, pretty deep down the rabbit hole.

    This season is better then last season. Quite a bit.

    I am not normally a fan of sucker punches, nor resolution in the form of violence, however.
    In the carnival episode, the very best of both is exhibited in film.

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    Re: Oitnb season 6

    Pretty great season.

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    Re: Oitnb season 6

    Just rewatched this season.

    With the exception of the episode detailing Badison's background, this was a pretty flawless season.

    Story wise, there were several moving pieces that lines things up well. The separation of every player that was no longer necessary made me upset to say goodbye to several fun-to-watch characters, but what we were left with refined the movement of things on screen.

    The ending of this episode felt more bittersweet than season 4. Season 4 with poussey's goodbye was beautiful.

    This was bittersweet.

    I might watch it a 3rd time.

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