Well, the problem with getting clownfish these days is also the great thing. They're successfully bred, born and brought up in aquaculture. But their biological impulses are not always natural.

So many of these AC clowns will not host an anemone.

I've had 3 Ocellaris Amphiprion, and the two I currently have, I have had for 2 years, and only after introducing a non AC tomato clown who will host just about anything alive and slimy, these two OA clowns of mine are FINALLY hosting.

, i could not be happier. I tried every frickin method. Isolation, sequestration, illumination, predation. You name it. 8 months of the tomato in the tank and me just giving up, Forrest and Bubba got in on their own.

One day, they might even sleep in it.