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    Quake Champions is free online beta testing this week. Quake II is one of my all time favorite games, so I had to download and install this to try.

    It's a BLAST!!!

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    Re: Quake!

    I was a huge quake 2 player. Quake 3 was really pretty but slow and lost the feel in my opinion. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Re: Quake!

    Huge Q2CTF player here too. Downloading Quake Champions now :-)

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    Re: Quake!

    Quote Originally Posted by Milton Finkelstein View Post
    Huge Q2CTF player here too. Downloading Quake Champions now :-)
    RailWarz CTF? Loki's Minions?

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    Re: Quake!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
    RailWarz CTF? Loki's Minions?
    Played classic Threewave CTF on "competitive level" back then.
    Of course competitive level was no where near as serious as it is now. Basically it just meant that we had a solid team/clan, practice days and participated in tournaments and ladders. We still meet up once a year-ish/couple of years and play a 5 map match against another clan who keep in contact too :-)

    I also did play some team Rail Only in another clan on the side.

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    Re: Quake!

    Having played it only a little, I think the game flows pretty well. The one big turn-off for me is all the microtransaction crap and (Wilson) lootboxes. That's really glaring and sad.

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    Re: Quake!

    Yeah, I was a little surprised to see that in a beta, but its mostly just shaders and stuff. Combat is very cool.
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    Re: Quake!

    DING! Level 50!

    This game is the bomb! -Best F2P game EVAR!

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    "Maybe if the Republicanoids weren't snorting coke off oil execs dicks, we could have had less dependancy on oil by now!!" - Silverblade-T-E

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    Re: Quake!

    Gawd i loved quake 2.mostly for just its intro stealing starship troopers' novel version.

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    Re: Quake!

    New champion with today's patch! Death Knight!
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    Re: Quake!

    This game is AWESOME! They patch it every month; new maps, new champions, updates, etc.

    And it's still TOTALLY FREE!!!

    Today's patch notes:

    We’ll be deploying an update on 11.10.2018 that includes a new mode: Slipgate, a new Champion: Athena, a fresh rotation of weekly Arcade Modes, the Quake 4 Heavy Machinegun Vanity Skin “Annihilator”, Champion & Weapon Balance Changes and Game Hardening (performance gains). We estimate the update process will take from 8AM EDT – 2PM EDT (11AM GMT to 6PM GMT).

    Slipgate is an attack-and-defend mode where both teams fight over the Slipgate portal: a massive wormhole capable of summoning an ancient unnamed horror. Each-and-every sharpshooter spawns with all weapons, full health, full armor but a single, precious, precious life. The defending team of Elder God cultists are trying to open the Slipgate, while the attacking team must close the gate before whatever tentacled terror on the other side pulls itself into our dimension!


    From October 11th - 31st all players taking part from day one will immediately receive the Elder Guardian Tentacle Weapon Shaders for all starting weapons (Machinegun, Shotgun, & Nailgun)! Subsequent festival milestones will result in the new Annihilator Heavy Machine Gun Skin being gifted to all participants, then unlocking the Overseer Scalebearer Lore Skin and, ultimately, Athena – or her Coalition Lore Skin if the Champion is already owned either through the Champions Pack, or by purchasing Athena any time before the goal is reached.


    Athena was among the first to sign up to the GDF and seek vengeance against the Strogg who devastated Earth. Caught in a trap laid for the expeditionary forces, she escaped when a Slipgate generator collapsed, teleporting her drop pod into the Dreamland arenas. Now she uses her grapple line throws and aerial acrobatics to dominate the airspace above her enemies and rain death from above.

    Starting Statistics:

    Health 125/100
    Armor 0/50
    Speed 320

    Active Ability – Grappling Hook: Athena will launch a grappling hook to the target location and immediately pull herself towards it. While in flight, Athena can stop pulling herself and instead swing, allowing her to perform impressive maneuvers

    Linear Pull Hook
    Swing Hook
    Piercing Damage 25
    Swing Damage 50

    Passive Ability – Ramp Jump: Athena can reach great heights by using the top ramp or step as a launching platform

    A brand new way to queue up and play! The Arcade is a weekly rotation of rule modifiers that shake up how you play Quake Champions in fun, different ways. This month we’re introducing four new modes, one for each week of the month (in order of appearance):


    Choose any champion, all weapons have been removed from the map, however you spawn with the unholy trinity – Rocket Launcher, Railgun, & Lightning gun & NOW WITH A TEAM FULL OF FRIENDS! Armor and health are still present on the map. Practice your combos!

    Everybody’s Scalebearer in a Free For All Deathmatch where Bull Rush is an insta-kill on your enemies. So, basically, it’s an Insta Scaletrain to ChooChoo town!

    Put your keys in the bowl and… No, not THAT kind of party!!! Everybody’s Athena in a Free for All Deathmatch where a direct Grappling Hook shot on an enemy Athena is an insta-kill. So, basically, it’s a SWINGER’S PARTY.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Remember Sacrifice? Well, it’s that, but now w/ a shorter cap time - down from two-and-a-half minutes to just one minute!

    In this update we’ve included a number of general improvements:

    Game Hardening: The team have taken a forensic look under the game’s hood in order to better deliver solid framerates and eradicate ‘ghost’ inputs as part of our ongoing commitment to improving the game’s performance.
    Read the full details of our Game Hardening in our latest Dev Diary here.

    Performance Summary

    Improved performance of FX heavy Champions
    Improved client and server-side performance for shotgun
    Improved performance of Gore spawns
    Improved performance of several maps through art/shader optimizations and poly count reductions
    Quality Of Life Updates

    Added a HUD section to Game Settings
    Added Ally and Enemy Outline Color options in HUD Settings
    Added Current Challenge Info toggle in HUD Settings
    Added Zoom FOV options to Game Settings
    Reintroducing Scoreboard to End of Match – Thanks to your feedback, we brought this back from a lost Slipgate in the depths of the Dreamlands

    Fixed an issue where Respawning via the pause menu with Slash could cause death camera to shake rapidly
    Fixed an issue with Strogg where player was unable to pick up the soul during Sacrifice after using Peeker
    Fixed an issue with Strogg where the 'Sensor Antenna' Vanity did not cloak properly upon ability use
    Fixed an issue where Ranger's Dire Orb could pass through doors

    Addressed an issue on Longest Yard to improve Lighting on the pre/post game podium screens
    Fixed various art issues by the Heavy Machinegun spawns on Longest Yard
    Fixed an issue on Longest Yard where players could shoot and damage others through the floor
    Addressed an issue on Tempest Shrine where players could stand out of the playable area by the Ship
    Hourglass pick-ups adjusted to reduce how quickly active abilities can be restored, reducing the number of available hourglasses and/or moving them to positions that favor the player out of control.
    Awoken 5 to 6 (increased, but moved them from areas of power to areas of weakness)
    Blood Covenant 10 to 6
    Blood Run 7 to 6
    Ruins of Sarnath 17 to 10
    Tempest Shrine 15 to 13
    The Molten Falls 9 to 7
    Map Changes: Lockbox

    Updated Lockbox item layout
    Swapped the locations of Mega Health and Power-Up
    Removed the Railgun near the floating platform in the Aeon Crystal room (upper toilet bowl)
    Swapped the locations of Lightning Gun and the nearby Light Armor
    Moved the Heavy Armor: In TDM/DM it is now located in the Blind Oculus room (Point B) - In Sacrifice / Slipgate it is in the cavernous staircase near the Blind Oculus
    In the Bridge Room: moved the Light Armor from behind the Acidfall to the center of the lower level
    Added a Teleporter behind the Acidfall that leads to the upper 3rd level of the same room
    Replaced the Super Nailgun on the 3rd floor of the Acidfall Bridge room with a Railgun
    Added two Small Healths near the Rocket Launcher
    In Sacrifice / Slipgate: repositioned the Heavy Machinegun in the closed base (Point A) to align with the nearby jumppad
    Added a new teleporter to Lockbox behind the acid-fall

    Fixed an issue which occurred after using abilities which could break the increased damage from zooming in with the HMG
    Fixed an issue where Flame effect could appear on the gauntlet when not playing Death Knight
    Fixed an issue where weapon textures could appear low res
    Fixed an issue where weapon zoom would zoom in several times further than intended

    Fixed the historically incorrect US Flag on BJ’s Liberator set
    Fixed a texture error on Sorlag’s Savage set
    Removed a reversed decal from the Pummel Gauntlet

    Fixed an issue where Players could appear in the lobby after disconnecting from a Custom match
    Fixed an issue where the Player profile would appear blank when opened
    Fixed an issue where the Time limit and score limit on the scoreboard were shown incorrectly
    Addressed an issue where Users could not access their player profile
    Fixed certain strings that were not showing up correctly
    Fixed an issue where a box would appear when hovering over the Eradicator Weapon in the Store
    Updated the Battle Report, Match Achievements to show proper amount of digits
    Fixed issues where certain buttons were not easily selectable

    Fixed an issue with Strogg where Players were unable to pick up the Soul after using Peeker, during a Sacrifice match
    Fixed an issue playing Unholy Trinity where Rocket Launcher God medals earned were not added to profile properly
    Fixed an issue in Unholy Trinity where the Rocket Launcher would play the near-empty audio when fired at all times
    Fixed an issue in Team Instagib where Certain Champions did not take self-damage
    Spawn Protection added to all Quick Play and Arcade Modes, for consistent behavior in all unranked play

    Fixed a crash in spectator mode which could occur if player was in free cam between matches
    Fixed a crash that could occur if players were using voice chat during warmup
    Addressed an issue specific to AMD Vega machines which could crash on launch
    Fixed an issue where the game could crash when spamming the Death Knight ability when joining a session in progress
    Addressed various forum reported FPS and Performance drops and hitches during matches
    Addressed various champion gore issues throughout matches on different maps

    Fixed an issue where the Spectator would see an empty Respawn button after a player respawned during warmup

    Made various improvements to bot navigation
    Improved weapon handling & difficulty
    All Champions

    Adjusted View Heights to account for recent rescaling of player models - essentially this pass is updating all Champion in-game model sizes to reflect their hitbox changes that we have over many patches from Feburary to now
    Unified Crouch Speeds
    Light Champions increased from 80 to 160u
    Medium Champions increased from 77 to 160u
    Heavy Champions increased from 75 to 160u
    *Slash’s changes noted below

    **Scale = Model Scale + Hitbox


    Raised View Height 0.65 to 0.66m
    B.J. Blazkowicz

    Lowered View Height 0.58 to 0.56m

    Scale 1.175 to 1.15x
    Lowered View Height 0.68 to 0.58m
    Further Reduced Hitbox Size
    Death Knight

    Lowered View Height 0.555 to 0.52m
    Flame Strike direct damage 50 to 40
    Flame Strike splash damage 51 to 30
    Flame Strike radius 3 to 2m (120 to 80u)
    DOOM Slayer

    Lowered View Height 0.75 to 0.6m
    Hands Raise Time 0.3 to 0.4s

    Scale 1.1 to 1.2x
    Lowered View Height 0.62 to 0.6m
    Further Increased Hitbox Size

    Scale 1.15 to 1.22x
    Hitbox size reduced (had too much padding after scaling)

    Scale 1.15 to 1.175x
    Lowered View Height 0.65 to 0.64m
    Bull Rush Damages Adjusted from 50/75/100/150/200 to 75/100/125/150/200

    Lowered View Height 0.78 to 0.6m
    Crouch Speed 85% to 50% (272 to 160u)
    Crouch Slide Friction 1.3 to 1.0

    Scale 1.1 to 1.0x
    Lowered View Height 0.7 to 0.58m
    Bunny Hop Acceleration 0.02 to 0.05
    Strogg & Peeker

    Lowered View Height 0.58 to 0.56m
    Lightning Gun

    Cooldown 55 to 52ms (18 to 19 shots per second) resulting in a very slight DPS boost of 1 more hit per second
    Dev notes:

    When you're one of the fastest FPS games on the planet, having rock-solid game performance is a must. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the experience of Quake, we are releasing several fixes and optimizations for longstanding issues that will improve client and server performance, for the October update.

    Quake Champions has evolved a lot this year: with new maps, modes, features, and systems being added every update over the course of this year.

    June and August were especially feature-heavy months for Quake: adding bots, gore, matchmaking improvements, maps and more. However, the more features we add, the more demands there are on system resources.

    Quake Champions is a very CPU & GPU intensive game. As a result, for every update – we’re also looking at the areas in the game where we can optimize to reduce the cost of all of these great features on the client’s side, while also improving performance on the server-side and networking.

    Players’ individual hardware and internet connections will always be a factor in the degree of performance improvements they see, but many aspects of this month’s update will benefit all our players:

    In this update, we have fixed a number of network “de-sync” issues players were seeing.

    At the high level - in any network game, there is a small about of “lag” between what you see on your screen and what the server sees. How much lag depends on multiple factors ( network bandwidth, connection quality, the number of “hops” between your machine and the server, etc. ). It’s impossible to have 0 lag between you and the server, unless you’re both in the same room ( like a LAN ), but we can do as much as possible to mitigate its effect on your experience.

    One rare de-sync issue we found and fixed this update involved you sometimes seeing a player facing in one direction on your screen, while the server saw them as facing in another direction. When that player would attack you, it could look on your screen as though they were looking away from you, yet you would still register damage from them!

    Another “de-sync” issue we have resolved were “ghost inputs” that would sometimes cause players to move, shoot, or change weapons when they did not mean to, if they had a networking hiccup on their end. These changes will improve the experience for everyone in October.

    Earlier we mentioned that Quake was a CPU & GPU intensive game – with Quakes unique brand of non-stop action, rendering in detail all of the rockets, gore, ragdolls, characters, etc. can be taxing, performance wise.

    With so much going on over the course of the match, it is important to maintain a consistent Frametime over the course of the game. While many people talk about the Framerate of a game – Frametime is actually much more important. Framerate is how many times you render a frame in a second, but Frametime describes how long each of those frames took to render. It is not uncommon for a frame now and then to take a bit longer than others in any FPS game, but if your frame time is consistently uneven, it’s going to affect the perceived “smoothness” of the game ( i.e. the game will just “feel off”, and won’t give you your best experience ).

    For October, we have focused on the causes of several common Frametime hitches, for example, the hitch that players would experience at the very start of each match. We improved the cost of some weapons, like the shotgun on both the server and client, and some of our more FX-heavy champions have had a pass to speed up their FX. Lastly, maps like Longest Yard were improved by reducing the amount of ornate geometry visible in areas of the map.

    Our small team is committed to ongoing performance-hardening improvements as we continue to add new features and content to Quake Champions. This will be a continual push that we will make with every update to improve the performance of Quake Champions.

    In November, we are going to further improve CPU performance across the board, which is currently the biggest bottleneck for our players. Thank you, and we look forward to sharing Slipgate, Athena, and the fixes and improvements described here in the October 11 update with you!
    Video clips of the new modes and champion:
    Retired 85 Wizard of Ascentia, The Nameless

    "Maybe if the Republicanoids weren't snorting coke off oil execs dicks, we could have had less dependancy on oil by now!!" - Silverblade-T-E

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