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Thread: Kentucky Bourbon -- Pappy Van Winkle

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    Re: Kentucky Bourbon -- Pappy Van Winkle

    Quote Originally Posted by DmitrytheWizzy View Post
    It’s smoother - less smoky. Just my personal taste.
    Except that Johnny Walker Black and Pappy Van Winkle are two different things, one is bourbon and one is scotch. I can understand you liking scotch better, but that really isn't a correct comparison.

    If you go the Johnny Walker route try Blue or Green, those are higher ends of the Johnny Walker line.
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    Re: Kentucky Bourbon -- Pappy Van Winkle

    I was going to make a similar observation.

    And I've had a shot of Pappy; definitely enjoyed it for a bourbon.

    As for Scotch, which I prefer, The Glenlivet is my personal favorite.

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