Robert Kennedy: What if US presidential hopeful had not been killed?

By James Jeffrey
Austin, Texas

4 June 2018

After Martin Luther King was killed, many believed senator and presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy was going to carry on the reforming fight. Fifty years on, some argue Kennedy's assassination had a profound impact on the direction of America.
read full article though I'm sure some are aware of the issues
the article is not about my point though
but Bobby and his brothers' assassination and frame up are WHY we're all here today

go on, keep telling yourself "It wasn't conspiracy!", yeah sure and it wasn't , rather a LOT of folk got murdered and couped and steam rollered by American spooks in that period in history
is anyone STUPID enough to believe all those killings were "coincidence"?
especially when you look at Bobby's killing and the aftermath which sure as hellfire could not have been the way it's "officially" documented

some folks hated the idea of liberal moderate democracy
today we pay the price:

Welcome to Corporate Fascism, plebs! The State only needs some of you, the rest will be exterminated...stealthily, by the back door, cheaply too!