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Thread: Fallout 76

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    Re: Fallout 76

    Quote Originally Posted by FilanFyretracker View Post
    why do you think they made it an online game that is basically Fallout Rust.
    A coworker - both he and I had originally been interested in this - described it as Minecraft with Fallout skin and mods.

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    Re: Fallout 76

    Fallout games, bar this one, are imho, great art
    as I've often said I find many games ot be superb art with great stories

    so much good stuff in Fallout, mirroring real life in a path that went different, plus all the silly whackiness and all the darkness (and darkness based on some reality)
    great characters and viginettes, pathos and absurdity

    wasting that, ruining the chance for it is absolutely despicable.
    I had to give up making art thanks to this abominable illness, so seeing folk WASTE opportunities like this pisses me off enormously :/

    one day I hope folk will appreciate and respect Fallout New Vegas as much as they do The Magnificent Seven or Ben Hur, or the Fallout series like A song of ice and fire or other epics.

    sigh, crass cheapskate bastards. I hope this isn't the end of Bethesda as being worth a damn and becoming corporate whores like EA

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    Re: Fallout 76

    People submitting support tickets to get replacement bags (another fucked-up issue) briefly got access to the support system, including the ability to open and close tickets and see all user information (credit card, name, etc.):


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