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Thread: My mandarin gobies are mating

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    My mandarin gobies are mating

    These are my Mandarin goby male and female. Psycadelic dragon fish, green dragonet, Blue Mandarin goby. These two are a pair of the most beautiful, yet hard to occasionally find fish in my Coral reef and anemone dominant tank.

    These two are some of the most patient creatures in the tank, actively seeking food every moment they are awake...patiently scanning the landscape around them, and effortlessly striking at planktonic creatures around them, like dragons swiping up sheep and livestock.

    They take patience to watch, as just walking past the tank might cause them to flee back to their cave

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    Re: My mandarin gobies are mating

    After moving to a new home in October of 2017, I experienced setback after setback with my once successful aquarium.

    In a tank full of organisms, I lost 2 during our move. Out of over 200 individual faces I could name, I lost a new name and an old face at least once every day.

    This moment was a turning point to capture. It was beautiful to watch.
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