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Thread: Ryo cigarettes

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    Ryo cigarettes

    Now before anyone beats me to the punch, yes, the answer is to quit smoking.


    In interest of not spending 12 dollars per pack of smokes, i decided to do what do many other smokers who are tired of burning hard earned dollars on a product whose price per volume has only increased better than anything in the stock market or other world of vice and begun to roll my own cigarettes.

    12 dollars a pack is now about 3 dollars a pack, and if i find a brand of tobacco that i like, eventually, it might drop to as little as a dollar or even 50 cents a pack.

    It takes about half an hour to an hour to roll a full pack's worth of 20 cigarettes, but boy oh boy is it fun.

    There are duds, but it combines my do it yourself attitude toward everything else in life with my long forgotten skill in rolling joints.

    I bought a manual cigarette roller, which is an extremely primitive and inexpensive device that helps keep the roll uniform.

    Because there are no additives in the tobacco, the buzz is different. It does not hit immediately, but instead gives a smaller threshold that climbs after smoking and then slowly tapers away.

    It is something to do with my hands late at night that i enjoy, and can make a day's cigarettes in a late night sitting when everyone else has fallen asleep.

    Plus, it gives me a cool excuse to carry them around in my cigarette flask which i have owned for years.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    This is a ridiculously cool hobby. Fuck it all if I am not becoming the quintessential fucking hipster.

    I am essentially getting the best materials to roll joints and putting tobacco in there instead.

    Really makes me desire being a daMN stoner again. I am very,very tempted to get like a gram of the whacky tobacco and sprinkle it in so that I can smoke just enough that it will not really give me much of a head change.

    In either case, this is a fun hobby. So many more blends to choose from and blend myself, it is like mixed drinks, but for cigarettes.

    I am slightly tempted to try smoking a pipe.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    I love smoking a pipe.

    A good cavendish tobacco and a meerschaum pipe is truly sublime.

    There's also the upside that I never get "nic fits". I can simply avoid smoking all winter because it's frigging cold out and suffer no ill effects.
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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    The stuff that I've been buying would be great in a pipe. I personally love a good tobacco flavor, and the peter stokkebye and kendal gold tobacco are out of this world.

    I don't even smoke them for much of a buzz (although, i do appreciate the mild one they give me), but I'm almost tempted to try a pack of traditional smokes just to gauge what i am missing.

    The roll your own world is so much more enjoyable on so many levels.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    Ho lee pho king she it.


    I've spent about $70 bucks on all the odds and ends for my rolling setup and tobaccos and now am going to spend the $40 for an injector and 200 injection sleeves. Though i can roll by hand about 20 cigarettes in half an hour, i just feel that doing an injector is the quicker and more efficient way of doing it.

    So that being said, while buying a larger bulk of the two tobaccos that I like the most, i saw a deal on the website that i deal with for a free corncob pipe and a couple bags of recommended tobacco for a dollar, total.

    The one that piqued my interests was C'est L'vie vanilla cavendish from Scandinavian Tobacco Distributors.

    I read the instructions on the corn cob pipe, grabbed a nail from the junk drawer and had a quick drive around the block. Which turned into a long drive.

    Gawdamn. Pipe tobacco is THE SHIT.

    The taste of this stuff is even better than the smell. The buzz is even less than the cigarettes that i smoke, but damn it tastes so good.

    Jeeez louise, sugar and spice, this is fucking awesome.

    I was really hoping that i wouldn't need to expand my tobacco collection any more than i have, as the blend I've made from two different brands now is right what I want out of it amd figured I was, essentially, set for life, but man oh man oh man.

    Now, I'm thinking of getting a nice pipe and tamper and pouch for it all, and just doing this pipe thing instead. God, it is sooooo goood.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    I'm shocked you've never tried pipe tobacco until now. My favorite blend is Virginia mild. I don't know if you can get any in your area but it's by far my favorite, so would highly recommend it.

    I enjoy it with a coupla fingers of a good single malt Scotch on the rocks; they go together quite majestically.

    Pipe tobacco is quite cheap as well. -Can get a POUND for like $15 that lasts me a year.
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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    I have a total of 5 actual pipe tobaccos in my collection. The rest are intended for cigarettes, but for tax purposes, cut for pipe ribbon.

    I have an amazing amazing smelling smoked latakia and i am waiting until the corncob pipe i have os broken in before i try it.

    I will probably try my cigarette tobaccs in the pipe eventually, but for now, it is all the vanilla one. Damn that stuff is good.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    Oh lord. Well, i did what most nicotine fiends do with a corncob. I burned my first one.

    Oh well.

    I bought a little meershaum for $3 and plan on taking better care of it before buying one of those wizard cobbits from them.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    Pipe is awesome, but not very convenient for work break smokes, and as my wife DOES NOT like me smoking at home, it really is only convenient when sitting with friends and smoking, with whom i currently have none (that is a good thing.)

    I also bought a cigarette tube injector.

    In the last 6 weeks, i rolled about 150 to maybe 250 cigarettes by hand.

    I pribably rolled 100 joints through all of my college years.

    It gets tiring,even when watching television or a movie while doing it.

    With that being said, the injector makes the process much easier, and might actually be less expensive.

    I bought the hand fed injector for about $15 bucks, and 250 cigarette tubes for $5. I "rolled" almost two "packs" in about 20 minutes.

    It doesnt truly save as much time as it makes the "rolls" into a more convenient and uniform cigarette.

    Terrible hobby to brag about, but at the end of the day, the money i am spending on this verse buying a pack at the store has got to be between 1/10 and 1/5 the savings.

    I figured when i next re up on tobacco, I will also re up on a carton of tubes, and roll the whole gaw dam box. Some folks do that, and they boast 4 to 20 cents a cigarette depending on the volume purchased, etc.

    Strange habit, but fascinating.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    Yeah, the best part about meerschaum is that it really doesn't burn through if it's the full block stuff. For $3 you probably got pressed dust. I have one of those, it works.

    Corncob and wood definitely WILL burn through.
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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    The first was a meerschaum. I just puffed on it like a fiend, and next thing i knew, there was an odd (but not bad) flavor.

    The 3 dollar one is a little meerschaum, and quite nice for a quick 5 minute bowl.

    I also picked up a larger one from the local tobacconist that was marked at $15 for 4 bucks! The guy working doesnt sell many of them, i guess, and it has one of those angled stems and a noice round cob bowl, almost like a churchwarden pipe, but just a littpe bit shorter.

    They are both in my truck, but unfortunately, it is just not quite as convenient to smoke as a cigarette is.

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