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Thread: Ryo cigarettes

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    Ryo cigarettes

    Now before anyone beats me to the punch, yes, the answer is to quit smoking.


    In interest of not spending 12 dollars per pack of smokes, i decided to do what do many other smokers who are tired of burning hard earned dollars on a product whose price per volume has only increased better than anything in the stock market or other world of vice and begun to roll my own cigarettes.

    12 dollars a pack is now about 3 dollars a pack, and if i find a brand of tobacco that i like, eventually, it might drop to as little as a dollar or even 50 cents a pack.

    It takes about half an hour to an hour to roll a full pack's worth of 20 cigarettes, but boy oh boy is it fun.

    There are duds, but it combines my do it yourself attitude toward everything else in life with my long forgotten skill in rolling joints.

    I bought a manual cigarette roller, which is an extremely primitive and inexpensive device that helps keep the roll uniform.

    Because there are no additives in the tobacco, the buzz is different. It does not hit immediately, but instead gives a smaller threshold that climbs after smoking and then slowly tapers away.

    It is something to do with my hands late at night that i enjoy, and can make a day's cigarettes in a late night sitting when everyone else has fallen asleep.

    Plus, it gives me a cool excuse to carry them around in my cigarette flask which i have owned for years.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    This is a ridiculously cool hobby. Fuck it all if I am not becoming the quintessential fucking hipster.

    I am essentially getting the best materials to roll joints and putting tobacco in there instead.

    Really makes me desire being a daMN stoner again. I am very,very tempted to get like a gram of the whacky tobacco and sprinkle it in so that I can smoke just enough that it will not really give me much of a head change.

    In either case, this is a fun hobby. So many more blends to choose from and blend myself, it is like mixed drinks, but for cigarettes.

    I am slightly tempted to try smoking a pipe.

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    Re: Ryo cigarettes

    I love smoking a pipe.

    A good cavendish tobacco and a meerschaum pipe is truly sublime.

    There's also the upside that I never get "nic fits". I can simply avoid smoking all winter because it's frigging cold out and suffer no ill effects.
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