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Thread: Battlegrounds Developer Attacks Fortnite For 'Replicating' Game

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    Re: Battlegrounds Developer Attacks Fortnite For 'Replicating' Game

    I guess what Epic did doesn't bother me because I fully expect just about everyone to try their hand at a "Battle Royale" mode in the future. I do sort of understand the argument that it's scummy to provide support to a client and then turn around and compete with them, but unless they are directly copying code I'm not sure it's enough for me to care.

    I'm also not worried about PUBG, at least not in regards to Fortnite. In the future who can say who will dethrone them, but they are one of the most massively hyped games this year post release. This is one of the best release years in gaming we've had in awhile, and there are people swearing it's their game of the year over more conventional titles like Zelda or Horizon.

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    Re: Battlegrounds Developer Attacks Fortnite For 'Replicating' Game

    Even without directly copying code, think about this possibly fictional example (we won't find out if this is a real example unless there is a serious lawsuit):

    Bluehole is having some trouble with the engine, they can't get performance tuned correctly, and it appears to be an engine problem. They go to Epic, and ask for assistance, since that's their partner for Engine troubleshooting
    Epic says "yeah, we see the problem, we'll work on it"
    Epic see's the problem would be a simple fix, but chooses not to provide any fix for 6 months, because they need more time to finish their own version of the game.
    Meanwhile Bluehole wastes a lot of time trying to fix it themselves, or work around the problem until they can get the fix, wasting more developer hours than even a direct delay.
    If you're anyone except for Epic, how do you have any idea if that situation happened? Even if Epic didn't take 6 months, but went from a 7 day turnaround to a 14 day turnaround on all issues, it can massively impact development of PUBG with enough issues. This makes me think maybe this is the reason Star Citizen switched from Crytek to Lumberjack (even though it is largely the same engine).
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    Re: Battlegrounds Developer Attacks Fortnite For 'Replicating' Game

    SC went to Lumberyard also I believe for its built in AWS interaction. SC is going to run its servers on Amazon rather than owned servers like say World of Warcraft, And CryTek is on semi shaky ground at times financially so they likely also switched because they can trust Amazon will be around. Heck half of the engine development team at Cloud Imperium Frankfurt is people they hired from CryTek.
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    Re: Battlegrounds Developer Attacks Fortnite For 'Replicating' Game

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