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    I unno. It looks like Rebirth Redone.

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    Re: X4

    No, it's a return to the previous X games which weren't a bloody disaster like Rebirth was
    Rebirth had lots of cool ideas/potential sucked :/
    X3 Albion Prelude was awesome, really it was end result of Egosoft AND fans/mod makers paring away to get something really complex and great
    But Rebirth screwed the pooch in several ways, alas

    hopefully this X game will be good but I bet it takes 6+ months after release for fans ot fix problems and make mods that really make it fun, lol
    When the Old Guard dies,
    The cowards in the shadow rise,
    Their vile plots of cowardice and greed,
    Poison the land and nightmares arise,
    To terrorize and murder the common man.

    (and as usual, please forgive typos and crankiness if possible)

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    Re: X4

    X4: Foundations releases November 30th.

    $50 standard, $75 including a unique paint job, the first two expansions, digital artbook, novel, and soundtrack

    7 minutes of gameplay and commentary

    I realize I'm double-posting this but I'd forgotten I started a thread for it last year.

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    Re: X4

    So yeah, it's a beautiful mess (not unlike No Man's Sky at launch minus all the hype).

    It has the same steep learning curve as other X games, if you've never played one (as evidenced by the 2-3 X-newbie streamers I watched over the weekend) but it's also ridden with bugs. A 1.1 patch came out mid-Saturday that fixed some problems but there are still dozens of threads on the official forums not to mention the subreddit for the game mentioning all kinds of bizarre AI problems (such as autotraders not selling intelligently).

    My i7-940 rig with 2GB GTX750Ti barely handles it (which makes sense, because I'm actually below minimum requirements). I average 35-40fps in space and during small battles, but drop to 25-ish on stations. Also I have to repeatedly exit/reopen the game about every hour or so due to texture corruption. This is the first modern game I've been unable to play completely successfully. Not bad for an 11-year old rig that has been frankensteined for upgrades.

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    Re: X4

    I REALLY enjoyed X 3 Albion prelude

    dunno how this will compare since they made a complete cluster *** with the game in between, sigh
    but if it's more like the rest of the X series it will be pretty "dense" and difficult to get into, but awesome once you appreciate the depth...and the gorgeous space visuals

    also the series had truly superb music for my tastes

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    Re: X4

    Have a small (30 ship) mining fleet and just as many traders but even though the recent 1.32 patch boosted raiding party attacks the economy in my game is pretty stagnant and I don't have the cash (or blueprints) to be building stations to make up the difference.
    So I'm shelving this for a few weeks until patch 1.5 hits and I'll start anew.

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    Re: X4

    the X games always sucked when first released it was usually fan mods which massively improved it, until in very last ones like Albion Prelude the mods became part of the official game or official add ons (with creators recognition)

    Albion Prelude was bloody STUNNING, truly awesome imho

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    Re: X4

    Patch 1.5 is out, adding the new Ventures feature.

    Quote Originally Posted by notes
    "an exciting new feature in which you send your ships out into other players' universes to explore and bring back rewards. Please note that this feature is currently in BETA and will be expanded upon in the new year."
    Spoiler for patchnotes:

    With this, the final update for this year, we introduce "Ventures" - an exciting new feature in which you send your ships out into other players' universes to explore and bring back rewards. Please note that this feature is currently in BETA and will be expanded upon in the new year. Happy holidays!

    • NEW FEATURE (BETA): Send your ships on ventures into other players' universes!
    • Added (BETA) Japanese localisation.
    • Added option for "Betty" to speak target names.
    • Added option to undock and abort ship upgrades that are waiting for resources.
    • Added turret behaviour settings to the Ship Interactions menu (including L/XL ship turret groups).
    • Added notification in case player-owned ship is unable to dock as ordered.
    • Added inventory net worth in empire overview.
    • Added cooldown for station repair when stations are under attack.
    • Added entry for the manual to Help menu.
    • Improved performance with AMD GPUs.
    • Improved ability of lasertowers to track targets.
    • Improved faction rebuilding logic to not overload shipyards as much.
    • Improved traders supplying shipyards and wharfs.
    • Improved "Where can I find...?" dialogue option.
    • Changed inventory drop button to drop all selected wares if multiple are selected (for single wares amount can still be chosen).
    • Changed maximum damage done to ships due to sabotage by bailing pilots.
    • Fixed getting left behind when leaving your ship in the space suit while in relative movement with a bigger ship.
    • Fixed squadron subordinates sometimes flying extremely far from their commanders while flying in formation.
    • Fixed station-based mining ships delivering very few resources to their station if the station has little to no funds.
    • Fixed shipyards not stockpiling enough resources for ships with large amounts of deployables, and miscalculating resource allocation for other wares.
    • Fixed further case that could lead to police punishing player for retaliating against pirates.
    • Fixed capital ships sometimes bouncing off of each other when attempting to dock to exchange wares.
    • Fixed pirate ships congregating around their own stations.
    • Fixed and prevented pirate ships attempting to plunder in highways.
    • Fixed receiving requests from other pilots for help while not in a cockpit.
    • Fixed player-owned docked ships requring additional instruction to proceed with orders after being given new orders.
    • Fixed Xenon and Kha'ak ships always having very bad pilots.
    • Fixed incorrect reputation requirements for friend/ally ceremonies of Ministry of Finance.
    • Fixed repair mass traffic of pirate ships causing reputation loss when destroyed.
    • Fixed turrets and self-maintenance not working on ships whose pilots bailed out.
    • Fixed job ships not filling out their squadrons to make up for combat losses.
    • Fixed player ship not being included in boarding menu ship selection if player ship is selected along with other player-owned ships.
    • Fixed target of successful boarding operation sometimes getting some owner other than the player faction.
    • Fixed newly-boarded ships retaining their old orders.
    • Fixed lasertowers deployed by AI pilot waiting for player to tell it to proceed before deploying while player is standing on ship.
    • Fixed defence drones attempting to go to dock for repairs and to get more supplies.
    • Fixed mining ships not correctly reporting when they have completed their order.
    • Fixed player station managers not being assigned correctly in certain situations.
    • Fixed being able to teleport to stations that are not player-owned or allied.
    • Fixed missile blueprints not being available (now available from faction representatives).
    • Fixed HQ Escort mission selecting an inactive gate for the ship to fly through.
    • Fixed Satellite Coverage mission.
    • Fixed Rescue Ship mission not rewarding any credits.
    • Fixed ships to be rescued from a minefield responding to attacks.
    • Fixed other lasertowers in a group not responding if one of them is attacked.
    • Fixed several issues with Find Lockbox mission, including it not finishing in certain cases.
    • Fixed Repair mission not completing if object got repaired in the meanwhile.
    • Fixed Acquire Captain mission being available for spacesuit.
    • Fixed Assassination missions selecting player-owned NPC's as mission-target.
    • Fixed abort condition for several missions.
    • Fixed several tutorial progression issues.
    • Fixes savegames with stalled guild missions.
    • Fixed player not being correctly refunded when aborting some ship builds.
    • Fixed shipyards and wharfs never building again if they were hacked.
    • Fixed Xenon shipyards and wharfs sometimes storing wares they don't need.
    • Fixed menu crash when upgrading capital ships.
    • Fixed trade context menu being black.
    • Fixed doors sometimes getting stuck after loading a savegame.
    • Fixed NPC ships being removed on loading savegame in some situations.
    • Fixed failure to open Logical Station Overview for large stations and for low UI scale values.
    • Fixed plot management menu breaking with too many stations.
    • Fixed freeze in map when viewing information on very large stations.
    • Fixed mission briefing in ultra-wide resolutions.
    • Fixed start menu not opening in certain cases.
    • Fixed missing German character voices.
    • Fixed various localisation issues.
    • Fixed reversed front/back speakers.
    • Fixed causes of several freezes and performance issues in specific circumstances.
    • Fixed several other causes of rare crashes.

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    Re: X4

    Patch 2.0 was released earlier this week.

    Spoiler for notes:

    New Feature: Player-owned stations with Shipyard, Wharf and Equipment Dock facilities.

    Added options to set custom name for savegames and to delete savegames.

    Added ware exchange between ships docked at the same station.

    Added possibility to start/stop travel mode and SETA while map is open.

    Added warnings about non-working venture modules due to station layout.

    Added fighter wings directly subordinate to carriers.

    Added display of partial skill stars to one third of a star accuracy.

    Added preview of ship storage capacity after all planned trades to info menu.

    Added trade menu warning that ware is not available after all planned trades.

    Added separate Remove all Orders and Wait option, replacing parameter to Remove all Orders.

    Added failure sound when invalid hotkey is used while map is displayed.

    Added confirmation before closing station build menu if there are unsaved changes.

    Added tooltip for greyed-out claim option to show reason.

    Added full Russian and Japanese localisation (text only).

    Added more details about damage types to weapon and turret entries in Encyclopedia.

    Added skill-based variants for AutoMine behaviour.

    Removed duplicated equipment blueprints from trader menu.

    Improved Xenon threat.

    Improved turret aiming and target movement prediction.

    Improved combat movement of frigates.

    Improved combat movement of capital ships with good captains and crews that do not have forward-mounted weapons against other capital ships or stations.

    Improved capital ship combat movement against small and medium targets.

    Improved balancing of capital ship defensive and offensive capabilities.

    Improved balancing of capital ship use of boost during combat.

    Improved balancing of capital ship crews bailing when ship is attacked.

    Improved balancing of missiles.

    Improved balancing of ware prices and production profitability to emphasize smart business decisions.

    Improved target acquisition for ships, particularly when attacking stations or capital ships.

    Improved command information shown by attacking ships when attacking a subcomponent of a bigger target.

    Improved range over which ships that run out of ammo can look for a known equipment dock from which to re-stock.

    Improved kinds of stations requested from station building missions.

    Improved encyclopedia information for production and factions.

    Improved Logical Station Overview to show station's recommended budget instead of the currently needed money in account settings.

    Improved quickload hotkey (F9 by default) so it loads the latest saved game, not necessarily a quicksave.

    Improved playback logic for music tracks from previous games.

    Improved performance when working with very large stations.

    Improved menu performance.

    Improved trade evaluation for free traders.

    Improved firing logic of missile-armed fighters.

    Improved guided missile effectiveness.

    Improved loadout distribution on NPC ships.

    Improved combat movement of capital ships, particularly those with forward-mounted weapons.

    Improved balancing of resource requirements for L and XL travel engines.

    Improved default countermeasure storage capacities.

    Fixed issues with target elements in the HUD in certain cases (e.g. when using "external view" through the map while standing on a ship/station).

    Fixed keyboard and gamepad selection not working in scrolling dropdown elements.

    Fixed previous/next target hotkeys and enemy targets sometimes not working when flying captured venture ships.

    Fixed previous/next surface element hotkey sometimes not working after loading a savegame.

    Fixed behaviour of autopilot shortcut in the map (now correctly toggles autopilot on guidance target).

    Fixed production modules sometimes not updating their animation when production starts/stops.

    Fixed research wares being listed in economy statistics of the HQ.

    Fixed storage types in encyclopedia not being localised.

    Fixed turret modifications breaking ship info menu.

    Fixed broken Logical Station Overview menu for stations missing a storage type and having no planned modules.

    Fixed broken menu when firing crew and then hiring new people in the ship buy/upgrade menu.

    Fixed missing title text in ship construction context menu in map.

    Fixed ship assignment not being queued correctly (possibly upsetting existing trade deals).

    Fixed deliver inventory mission not correctly placing the character in some situations.

    Fixed Bring Item mission offers not being removed properly if destination station or NPC was killed.

    Fixed several issues with Fleet Delivery mission.

    Fixed Scan mission not checking for destruction of target station module.

    Fixed Scan mission to require only normal scan rather than deep scan for station modules.

    Fixed missing guidance to station module in Scan mission.

    Fixed Passenger Transport missions to filter out incorrect stations.

    Fixed Find Lockbox mission to ensure containers remain in mission area.

    Fixed station ownership not being transferred in Build Station mission Fixed trade and pirate guild mission offers not changing over time.

    Fixed incorrect faction and other text for several dialog options and briefings in war missions.

    Fixed introductory mission of war subscriptions getting stuck.

    Fixed Holy Order outliers sometimes prematurely precipitating conflict with the Godrealm of the Paranid.

    Fixed attacking ships repeatedly approaching and retreating from target before getting close to it.

    Fixed ships moving out of pursuit distance to attack targets in their initial approach.

    Fixed ships attacking stations flying at and firing upon station target box instead of station modules.

    Fixed patrolling ships attacking build storage.

    Fixed ships showing excessive DPS when weapons are in more than one active weapon group.

    Fixed builder ships wandering into hostile territory.

    Fixed capital ship subordinates of carriers sometimes attempting to dock at their commander's ship.

    Fixed station-based trading ships setting their current sector as their home sector rather than their station's sector.

    Fixed ship/station operations being hampered by docked ships working for that ship/station not undocking while player is present.

    Fixed boarding ships that are missing ammo trying to disable boarding target anyway.

    Fixed formation skill checks not respecting the player being the pilot. Fixed another case of patrolling player-owned ships chasing hostiles beyond their engagement range.

    Fixed squadron subordinates apparently trying to attack ships from their own faction.

    Fixed player-owned ships sometimes inadvertently firing missiles depending on their weapon group setup.

    Fixed turrets set to Attack my Current Enemy not firing when they should.

    Fixed turrets set to Attack my Current Enemy firing when they shouldn't.

    Fixed ships attacking stations stopping their attack after destroying a station module or surface element.

    Fixed turrets on the player ship that are set to mining mode not firing on asteroids.

    Fixed boarding ships not launching boarding pods in certain situations.

    Fixed fleeing ships acquiring a target and attacking in certain situations.

    Fixed ships attempting to disable a target deliberately destroying it instead.

    Fixed ships with a Follow order not responding to certain situations.

    Fixed player-owned ships attacking friendly ships while patrolling player-owned space.

    Fixed non-police ships (including player-owned ships) sometimes responding to calls for police assistance.

    Fixed non-Xenon races not constructing defence stations.

    Fixed build storage of destroyed stations not being cleaned up.

    Fixed NPCs rubber-banding for a long time after loading a savegame in certain situations.

    Fixed NPCs getting stuck in elevator if player uses it while NPC is walking in it.

    Fixed NPC marshalling animations during player docking/undocking.

    Fixed multiple NPCs standing in the same position on some Argon bridges.

    Fixed cases of duplicate interior rooms on stations.

    Fixed frozen movement in bridges of docked capital ships.

    Fixed cargo trades with Black Marketeer sometimes failing.

    Fixed module hacking requirements not being respected.

    Fixed area damage not being correctly applied in certain situations.

    Fixed ships flying huge curves when going long distances.

    Fixed multiple shipyards attempting to fulfil the same NPC ship build requests.

    Fixed NPC ships sometimes requesting more subordinates to be built than they desired.

    Fixed stations not claiming sector ownership if claiming module is built later.

    Fixed turrets and shields not being added to station module when not part of a new module.

    Fixed station module stats and achievements not triggering with the first module of a station.

    Fixed station module recycling sometimes interrupting an ongoing build.

    Fixed recycle times of station modules.

    Fixed exploit where wares could be gained when recycling modules.

    Fixed inability to remove last remaining module when planning a station.

    Fixed not being able to cancel ship orders in some cases.

    Fixed total build time being off by up to one minute for some objects.

    Fixed onboard units not being factored into object value.

    Fixed inconsistencies with station hull values.

    Fixed stations not remembering their Drone/Unit supply settings.

    Fixed small ships failing to exchange wares with ships they can dock at.

    Fixed ships needlessly undocking to trade.

    Fixed faction discounts and commissions not being removed when relations worsen.

    Fixed transfer of crew from one role to another not being possible at shipyard/wharf/equipment dock if no other changes are made.

    Fixed EMP-induced signal leaks on unowned small and medium ships claiming them for the player when scanned.

    Fixed lasertowers spawning in wrong location when deployed from Elite.

    Fixed lasertowers potentially ending up in the exact same position in space.

    Fixed objects attracted with the container magnet sometimes getting an unreasonable speed.

    Fixed ships sometimes oscillating around target positions if SETA is active.

    Fixed ships docked at other ships sometimes appearing twice in the elevator menu.

    Fixed issue resulting in data leaks sometimes appearing inside station modules.

    Fixed roll input in highways steering in the wrong direction.

    Fixed inability to remap camera input control.

    Fixed not being able to load certain user-provided files (e.g. custom logos) with non-ASCII file names.

    Fixed floating geometry on the M-sized Beam Emitter Mk2.

    Fixed rare freeze related to player ship control.

    Fixed NPC ships sometimes not leaving shipyards after being built.

    Fixed Discoverer doors not opening when newly built.

    Fixed incorrect shield configuration on Behemoth.

    Fixed engine positions on Xenon K so that they can now be destroyed.

    Fixed ship build menu showing wrong sustained DPS values when planning multiple weapons on new ship.

    Fixed shopping list items in the ship build menu not being editable.

    Fixed exchanging missiles and drones between ships and stations using Ware Exchange.

    Fixed police ships attempting to scan surface elements for illegal goods.

    Fixed police sometimes inspecting ships that are already being inspected by another police ship.

    Fixed squadron subordinates sometimes failing to call in support from their squadron.

    Fixed patrolling ships sometimes accidentally crossing jump gates.

    Fixed factions sometimes not using their intelligence data in preparation for invading.

    Fixed laser towers being dragged along by the launching ship in certain situations.

    Fixed laser towers continuing to track targets that are no longer valid.

    Fixed rare case causing ships to rotate erratically.

    Fixed a cause of ships trying to fly into the centre of stations without avoiding collisions.

    Fixed Black Marketeers sometimes being placed aboard Kha'ak stations.

    Fixed newly constructed NPC stations being given resources immediately.

    Fixed production showing wrong resources (again).

    Fixed stations provided by the player via the Build Station mission not having functioning managing NPCs.

    Fixed weapons with slow bullets or missiles not firing.

    Fixed ships assigned to join player squad not getting new orders.

    Fixed mission chains being cancelled if target was destroyed before the mission started.

    Fixed Boarding mission not being cancelled if target was destroyed before the mission started.

    Fixed several causes of crashes.

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