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Thread: How do notifications work on Android?

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    How do notifications work on Android?

    Mostly curious because I was on a public WiFi system with a WiFi only tablet and it's walled garden thing was broken. Meaning it would not enable internet even once one agreed.

    Point of my question is though how did it still get things like notification that there were replies to YouTube comments, AccuWeather alerts and being quoted on Tapatalk.

    Makes me wonder what ports notification uses since I'd figure the wifi AP would block all traffic until it's guest gateway was fixed.
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    Re: How do notifications work on Android?

    A lot of the time those hotspots allow basic connections to things like Google, otherwise it can determine there is no Internet Access, and not automatically connect. If they allow some specific sites to connect, you will connect and then get directed to their captive portal.

    If you google "Hotspot" and "Captive Portal" you should have more information about how they do it.
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