User is running a win10 box with a windows server virtual machine using VmWare Workstation.

User has Windows 7 boxes, external to this one unit (guest/host) that he wants to connect to the guest instance by IP or name.

I can get a windows 7 machine, not related to the two at all to connect, directly to the guest IP (running a server OS) if I run Bridged networking.

If I run NAT on the VMWare box, the Host OS can connect to the Guest OS.

I cannot get the outside machine to connect if the vmware instance is running NAT.

I cannot connect to or ping the guest from the host if the vmware instance is running Bridged.

I swear to god I solved this problem back in the XP days while working with Mdar over IRC, but I can't remember what the fix was.

Fucking Developers, man.