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Thread: Got my hands on a One plus 3t

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    Got my hands on a One plus 3t

    So far, this is a truly amazing phone.

    I am having trouble getting it to connect via 4g LTE through MetroPCS, but it is connected to 3g HDSPE just fine.

    30 minute charges. 6mb ram. 64mb storage. Very nice feeling in the hands.

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    Re: Got my hands on a One plus 3t

    You sure you're not on LTE?

    It should show 4G+ for LTE, and 4G for GSM only.
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    Re: Got my hands on a One plus 3t

    I'm getting the "h" icon, which means HDSPE.

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    Re: Got my hands on a One plus 3t

    *HSPA, and HSPAP.

    SO, yeah, I did a couple work arounds this week, and finally made the most progress this morning by taking my new sim card, putting it into the adapter that would make it fit in my old phone, and started it up so that I could get its 4g carrier information imported onto the card from the phone.

    It didn't work as well as I wanted it to. I still do not have 4g, but it looks like some higher echelon HSPA is now working, and I am getting 1mBps downloads through HSPA, when I was only getting 117kBps intermittently, before.

    Because Metro PCS only works after the IMEI number on the phone has been transferred to their service database, I think I have to take it into their store and have them do the switch in their computers along with the SIM card. So, I'm going to try that this morning.

    All in all, this is an amazing phone. It is my first unlocked, BYOD phone, and totally my first Mid-price phone with all the bells and whistles of a top tier phone. The speed that this thing moves from app to app (6gb ram) is ridiculous. It also has a phenomenal camera. Both are better than my Samsung Galaxy Tab S Tablet, which is something that was even more expensive than this phone.

    Love the shit out of this device.

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    Re: Got my hands on a One plus 3t


    MetroPCS did not listen at all. They butchered my APN settings that I spent this week fine tuning. Drove me fucking nuts when I realized they did that nearly to the point of tears.

    I know i can eventually get back there, but I didn't document my settings that I had before walking into the store, and that is dumb on me.

    I can't believe I let them mess with the phone though. I should have just stuck with my guns and let them either say "yes" or "no."

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    Re: Got my hands on a One plus 3t

    There is a serious bug with this phone's ability (or lack thereof) to play some mp3s. It has been drivong me nuts, and I have been trying desperately to find a work around.

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    Re: Got my hands on a One plus 3t

    They fixed the mp3 bug a couple weeks ago. This is an impressive phone, and the 5 should be quite good.

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