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Thread: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

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    12-String Electric Guitar Build

    A few weeks ago, I was browsing the used parts bin at Starving Musicians in Santa Clara CA and I discovered a rare find, a neck for a 12-string electric guitar made by a company called Framus in Germany in 1965.

    Well, about 4 years ago I was going out for ice cream with a friend when I spotted a clock made out of what appeared to be a small slab or redwood burl laying in an alleyway next to a dumpster. Knowing that burl slabs are a limited resource, I snagged the clock and stored it in my workshop.

    After I found the neck, I knew what I had to do with that redwood burl slab. So I bought the neck, and a neck mounting back plate, and some replacement grommets for the tuners. I repaired the damaged tuners and cleaned and polished the neck, fillefd the old mounting holes, and set it aside.

    I removed the numbers from the clock face, took out the clock mechanism, and sanded all the nasty old brown paint off the front and back of the burl slab. Then I shaded in pencil the areas that had large voids or other flaws, and sawed them off.

    Then I sanded it A LOT, and routed out a nice pocket for the neck.

    I drilled and mounted the neck to help set up the guitar.

    I painted the neck mounting back plate black, and baked the finish to harden it. I had gone on eBay and found a great seller, iknmusic, who sold me a 12-string Tune-o-matic bridge and a nice humbucking bridge pickupfor under $21 with free shipping. Amazing deals!

    I install the bridge's tailpiece, and set the Intonation using a sacrificial set of six strings so the bridge's saddles are in the right range.

    Time to finish the new guitar body! I make a combination of handle and drying stand.

    First coat of spray lacquer drying:

    Second coat drying:

    Six coats later, it was done. I waited for the lacquer to cure, then I installed the pickup and fed the wire through the channel and soldered it to my shielded socket and ran the bridge ground out from there through a second channel.

    See the tuning fork? That's how I made sure it worked before going on to attach the neck and the strap buttons and rear cavity cover. I really like my little Epiphone Tweed mini amp, I put a nicer speaker in it and it rocks.

    Here is the finished product, which I played last night until my fingers started to give out:

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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

    Most awesome!
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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build



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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

    That's cool as hell Ali

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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

    That rocks.

    I love the way you repurpose stuff for your builds. She's got a wicked shape! How does she sound?
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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

    A bit like a church organ sometimes actually. When it's not sounding like that guitar of Roger McGuinn's that is.

    Here is some more of the pretty:
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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

    Just the one pick up or ... ?

    I have a buddy who is a total maniac about electric guitar history (and quite a musician himself.) As well, I have a business acquaintance that would LOVE love LOVE to see this. (He does repair and builds instruments himself ... master craftsmen making rare wood instruments from the dark ages or something ...)
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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

    Just one pickup, no controls at all, and the shielded cable from the bridge humbucker is connected directly to a shielded socket. It's the most simple, least-loaded setup possible, designed to deliver a clean analog signal to my tube pre-amp.

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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

    Freakin neat! Well done.
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    Re: 12-String Electric Guitar Build

    So damn awesome.
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