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Thread: "hay entre afuera" 3g

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    "hay entre afuera" 3g

    I'll explain this one later. Just wanted to post it now that it is "complete."


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    Re: "hay entre afuera" 3g

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    Re: "hay entre afuera" 3g

    This is a 3 gallon jar that I found at World's market.

    So what is the big deal?

    This jar actually has a filtration system in it. It is hidden, and the cord goes through drilled glass, and is siliconed to keep it from leaking. I've played around with a couple different things, and while this is mark one of probably 3 prototypes, I plan on making a whole mess of these, and essentially replacing all the lamps we have around the house with these. They illuminate extremely well, and as long as the organisms you put in there are nothing too complicated (they'll only be plants and inverts), they take care of themselves without any additional maintenance. (You can drop some food in from time to time, if you desire, but the eco system is designed to take care of itself almost completely).

    These lights are new. They're puck LEDs, and I'm still not completely sure what their spectrum is. Once I learn which plants grow best under their light, I'll know how better to stock them.

    Best part? 7 watts.

    The pump, and the light. 7 fucking watts.
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