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Thread: What's going on here?

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    What's going on here?

    Suddenly my computer will randomly stop displaying a signal. The computer remains running. It is a GeForce 960, it is a couple years old at this point. It is a new issue, I was playing Far Cry 3 for a few hours, with no problems. No signs of overheating as far as I could tell. But then when I went to watch a movie(Nightmare Before Christmas, not that has anything to do with it.) it stopped displaying a signal. It has been doing it randomly ever since. If I try to boot up a game, it generally will stop displaying a signal. I have taken the card out, and put it back in, it still does it. I just recently switched in a new motherboard, but it was running just fine, until that one day. Any ideas?

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    Re: What's going on here?

    Sounds like the video card is dying on you to me. -But it could be intermittent monitor failure. Those would be the two easiest things I recommend swapping out first to narrow it down.
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    Re: What's going on here?

    Check cable connections, then try a new cable, that's the cheapest and easiest start. Could be worse, but I've had several here at work where a similar thing happened, and either the connection was loose, or in a couple of instances the actual cable was bad.
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    Re: What's going on here?

    I agree with the cable swap, Cheap and easy. And then if you have a spare screen in the house try that next.

    Also do all of this with all display related power save features disabled in windows.
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    Re: What's going on here?

    Check your RAM as well.. sometimes a bad stick of RAM can do werd shit to your pc.

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    Re: What's going on here?

    After you took the card out . . . did you blow on it before you put it back in?
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