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Thread: Lollipop upgrade

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    Lollipop upgrade

    And we can now save directly to the adcard, again.

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    Re: Lollipop upgrade

    Are you talking about Android M and an SD Card?

    The reason Google doesn't want people using SD cards is because SD Cards suck. People buy cheap class 2 SD Cards, install their launcher on it, and then rant about Android being slow. But even if you get the fastest, highest quality SD card available, it's still drastically slower than the internal NAND used by modern phones. This is also why you can't stick one into an iPhone. If they were just as good as the internal storage, Apple would just make a special SD Card and charge $2/GB

    I don't get why people want to install apps on their SD card anyway.
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    Re: Lollipop upgrade

    That is how Google tries to sell it to developers but it is not the real reason it is in their best interests to take that approach.

    In the context of allowing multiple disks to be in use and one or more of them hotswappable the way to implement this with minimal friction is to take the following approach:

    i) within the mobile system present the interface as one disk with the difference in disks presented through metadata

    ii) tie this metadata into a system which follows the model git-annex takes, the case model here being that of the "digital nomad" if you visit git-annex's site and documentation

    iii) utilize a personal cloud to enable syncing across the lan and remotely (the remote context can utilize the proprietary "cloud" if it wishes, it is not important when the interface is done correctly

    To the extent possible automate the metadata annotations relevant to the media on disks so that it is trivial to relocate. Taking this approach takes a paragraph to explain to a lay user and a tag. Lets also ban filenames for being too opaque for computing to handle, super scary.

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    Re: Lollipop upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinthalas Tigris View Post
    And we can now save directly to the adcard, again.
    Sorry. Meant SDcard.

    And i mean in the context of being able to save directly to SD card. Like, fike creation, download, etc.

    It used to be, in KitKat, that the user had to save to internal storage first, and then copy to SD card.

    Sure. Im aware of the diffeence between low and high qualigy SDcards. I only use the best. I couldnt care lesss abkut other's idiocy in their purchases. I dont want to be penalized for others short sights.

    That being said, i was under the impression that sevrral android hacks were linked tk saving directly to SD cards, and that was the reason they removed it from the OS support.
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