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Thread: Windows 7 Organization / Opimization

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    Re: Windows 7 Organization / Opimization

    What is your opinion of SSHD vs SSD?
    I personally don't see the point of the hybrid drive... Especially in a Laptop, in my opinion you give up all the advantages of the SSD (lowered power consumption, faster access) for a slightly improved access time over a conventional drive and a little more storage.

    If storage is at a premium, power consumption not relevant - stick in a conventional drive. If Power consumption and or access times are what you value above all else? Why are we even having this conversation?

    For the "combo" I'd say your best bet is to stick in the SSD; and carry around something like a 2tb USB external drive (especially one of the USB powered ones). SSD is there for lowered power consumption, & faster access times, when you fill it, manually dump stuff you don't need "immediately" to the external USB drive. which saves on power cause you dismount it when not actively using it.

    For a desktop it flops even further to the "what's the point" scale. Keep your SSD for boot/fast access apps -- & just throw in another conventional SATA drive when you need more storage.
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    Re: Windows 7 Organization / Opimization

    One thing to note is that if a laptop has an optical drive there are people that sell kits that let you put an SATA drive into the optical bay and then put the optical drive into an external enclosure.
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