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Thread: Hard reset android phone, extended battery life

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    Hard reset android phone, extended battery life

    The past month, my android Kyocera hydro icon had been acting strange while receiving MMS picture attachments as text messages through android messenger from a number of different individuals.

    This past weekend I had it, as I just couldn't send or receive pictures without it interfering in SMS entirely, and I decided to hard reset.

    for no related reason, I decided not to install fqcebook, drippler, twitter, or anything else that provides updates throughout the day. Those things are more of a distraction, anyway.

    Today, I did everything that I normally do, keeping 4G and Bluetooth ip, streaming podcasts from 7 am until 5pm.

    Before the reset, I would get to about 2 pm when I would have about 20% battery left. I would head back to the shop, plug in, and find something to do in there for about an hour while I waited for battery to build back up. I'm no fan of driving home with less than 30% on my phone, so I would usually wait until my phone was back up to about 60% before taking off to finish the rest of the day by 3pm. I would get, perhaps, 15 various jibber jabber updates throughout the workday and all of this.

    by 2 pm today, I was at 67%. I had fielded about 5 more phone calls than I typically would in a single day as well. All in all, I didn't even have to plug in for a recharge st all.

    When I left at 5pm, I still had almost 40% battery life, and without even plugging in until npw, 9pm, I'm at just under 30%.

    I don't need Facebook on my phone. Twitter is unnecessary. I had a handful of quips from my meandering mind that I might otherwise have felt it necessary to unleash upon the plethora of pals who occasionally see my ramblings throughout the day, but at the end of it, the only person I really am entertaining is myself, just looking for that small little bit of social acceptance.

    There are plenty of great apps available. Some of the games can be quite entertaining and fun. My time card program is very convenient, as the weekends I am on call, I don't have to worry about writing anything down ; it keeps track of my hours and mileage for me.

    But it is the number of updates that get shoved down the update stream that bother the shot out of me. The spam emails to Gmail, yeah, I just don't have time to make additional labels. I don't need facebook, I don't need twitter. Even Pandora I will not install again, because that same thing is constantly trying to get me to subscribe and choose one of the stations it thinks I might like while I'm not even using the app.

    Yes. This could go in rants, but I was more interested in what others with android have been doing to extend their battery life of their phones.

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    Re: Hard reset android phone, extended battery life

    They are just not a very information dense medium on their own, to the extent possible I exploit communities that are sufficiently devoted to filter to just the most interesting parts for me. 4Chan for example (or other image boards) have excellent material/information at times, but it is too time intensive to really uncover the interesting bits on their own; of course some communities do not really have an outlet that reports them well. XKCD's forums for instance have some very interesting (to me anyways) discourse but it does not bubble up to any layer I listen to regularly. Similarly (in the positive case anyways), reddit/hackernews etc. are read-only mediums for me where I do not bother with the comments at all but rather as a curated aggregate of potentially useful content at some point; I use RSS/mailing lists/news groups the same way. Related to all of those attributes though is why resources which do curate information very well are so useful to me. Urbanspoon, Rotten tomatoes, are invaluable for myself; Urbanspoon in particular is awesome. And while very specific, lwn ( is the perfect example of curating disparate, low information dense information sources into something that is very information dense and an excellent synthesis of what I am interested in. Similar resources regrettably are much more expensive often, namely most journals/databases fall under that due to their exploitative nature; however there simply is nowhere else that reports the information in a curated manner as quickly with as much information density. The barrier to entry is much higher though, however once the requisite terminology is understood they are discernible IME... except for unfamiliar formal maths which require such enormous time spent specializing into them to understand at all; outside of that though I find it to be true. I wish maths were not so enormously diverse and require such overcoming such a huge barrier to entry to grasp coherently as they are all beautiful and amazing in their own way.

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