IDEA 14 is out:

Discussion on HN:

IDEA is my favorite IDE in existence; in general I do not like to support proprietary tools for cultural but also pragmatic reasons, however IDEA is fucking awesome and Jetbrains make great tools. The would be worth paying much more for, but I do not mind the very reasonable licensing cost that Jetbrains has chosen. Android Studio which is usable on IDEA is really great too.

AppCode's C/C++ setup is the best I have experienced outside of Visual Studio out of the box. It is possible to create a solid workflow for C and C++, but there are none that exist that do not require a great deal of customization on the user's part on Linux beforehand.

PyCharm is awesome as well.

The only significant want I have for Jetbrains products is for them to embed a more competent text editor (CodeMirror would work); their tooling integration is phenomenal but the text editor is convoluted and a comparatively poorly thought out design than Eclipse's embedding support. I have some other things that I would change but they are very minor.