I am 99.5% sure this is possible presently, despite the ghetto state AI is in with respect to image recognition. So, I have a lot of video files, by which I mean porn. The problem faced is, at minimum I would like to have the tags of the stars in the videos without having to manually tag them. Ideally this is in some cross platform tagging format, or alternatively prefix the filename with it. Currently because of how sites name the files that I subscribe to (you all are welcome for my keeping the porn industry afloat double handedly) the meta data on the site is not a part of the file sent, and the filename has no useful data in it as it goes by the movie name, which is not descriptive for my purposes.

The idea I have in mind is that it would auto detect faces, I name the actor, then it searches for similar faces and tags them with decent accuracy, doesn't have to be perfect. This would save me a lot of time as tagging thousands of files is a pain in the ass, as you can imagine. Doing this fast is not really necessary as long as it does some what reasonably efficient.