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Thread: Help in restoring an old hard drive -

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    Help in restoring an old hard drive -

    Looking to see if any of you tech guru's know of any easy way to get the data off an old hard drive. It was from a previous computer, and the MB died in it. I tried throwing it into another PC, only to have all the photos I want / need locked behind the user folder of the old Windows Operating system on it.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Help in restoring an old hard drive -

    can you see that user folder? Windows should allow you into it anyway with just clicking the yes button unless its drive encryption locked. I have done this and only had to click something like a yes button to invoke admin on it and access what I needed.
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    Re: Help in restoring an old hard drive -

    You'll just have to give the logged in user permissions.

    Right click on the folder, go to properties, click the security tab; click edit, add the logged in user with full control.

    If it won't let you do that you may need to take Ownership of the folder first, Same spot, security Tab - but click Advanced, then Ownership.
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