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Thread: Form Rules: Thread Necroing

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    Re: Form Rules: Thread Necroing

    Quote Originally Posted by Grindel View Post
    Thanks to Nadiar for stepping in to make some temporary adjustments. Those have been rolled back pending discussion, although we will be keeping a seven year cap - this is specifically because if you go far enough back it screws up things like forum titles, quote blocks, and causes other oddities. I would ask that participants display enough maturity not to abuse the system by necroing thread after thread in some attempt to make a point - that's what this forum post is for.
    Uhh, did I respond? I was going to, but I don't think I did. Its actually thread titles instead of forum titles.

    I was kind of high on cold medication last night (still am actually), so I could have just forgot about it :P

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    Re: Form Rules: Thread Necroing

    Oops! Well that's OK, I was posting from the future anyhow, so it all worked out.

    <---- massively sleep-deprived

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    Re: Form Rules: Thread Necroing

    Quote Originally Posted by Layonya View Post
    I have no idea what you look like, Nine (well, except you're missing a toe), but when I read this, you were totally a 300 pound, all muscle drill instructor with combat fatigues on.
    Baelan is actually a modified dolphin left over from a bizarre Marine Corp experiment involving the use of mutated cetaceans. That's why he has a permanent grin and a penchant for underwater frottage.

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