Look. around 8 years ago we had a thing where we'd step on each other for three items. Ogre walls, leapfrogging, Ninja looting, training, you name it.

But look - I'm not into that anymore. None of us who grew up any are into it anymore. and we WERE THERE! That's fine your guild wants this area because you want to work hard... but don't be so possessive and rude. Be helpful and gracious...is there any real reason to be so possessive of a spawn? What for?

I know some people out there liked dicking each other...Look, those days are over. There's nothing to get by dicking each other. There's no point, we're tired and you can be by yourself on top of the High Mountain of Nothing. Hardcore got buried years ago. It's dead. Let it rest in peace. Can we ALL please have fun and play the game?