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Thread: How to change posting rules.

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    How to change posting rules.

    Posters who feel unhappy with an aspect of the current rule set may wish to avail themselves of a simple procedure open to any member of the board.

    Simply start a post in the Site and Forum Administration Forum with the Prefix Forum rules which either:

    1) Gives the new rule you wish added and the reasons why.

    2) Gives the reworking of the rule you wish to modify and the reasons why.

    3) Identifies the rule you want to remove and gives the reasons why.

    Your proposal will then be discussed by members of the board, and after a discussion period your rule, or in some circumstances a reformulation of it based on the discussion, will be put to a vote. If a simple majority favour the new rule, it will be adopted.

    The only constraint on this procedure is that the rules cannot be changing constantly. As an initial constraint I will be restricting changes to the rules to once per 3 months, though arguments for other time frames are welcome.

    However, you may start a thread at anytime and if changes are agreed upon they will be adopted at the end of the time frame.

    The next date for rule-set updating is May 1 2009.
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