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Grindel's Lil' Midlife Crisis Online

Dear Penthouse Forum,

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by , July 19th, 2010 at 07:50 AM (17198 Views)
If I had any idea that my attending classes surrounded by 19-year-old co-eds would turn my wife into a borderline nymphomaniac, I would have figured out a way to have done this years ago.

And it's not that I'm even remotely interested in these girls - to be perfectly honest they may as well be a separate species to me as far as I'm concerned. But wow, not that I'm complaining but it's amazing what a woman will change to keep her man from doing the whole midlife trade younger thing. I'm thinking of maybe planning on getting a sports car in a few years

The other main point I've picked up from this summer term at Creighton? At some point in my late 20s I decided that all college kids were clueless mouth-breathing morons who couldn't tell their asses from their elbows. Except for me when I was in college, of course.

I was wrong; there are some smart cookies wandering about. Good for them.



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